Food Journal Week 4

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday 4th February 2011
12pm BBQ'd Lamb Steak marinated with Italian seasoning, Edamame beans fried in butter and tamari topped with yum yum mayo, 2 almond crackers, 2 pieces 85% Lindt.
7pm Roast boneless chicken stuffed with cheese and bacon, roast pumpkin, parsnip and carrot, broccoli with gravy + cream reduction. 1 piece Primal Brownie w greek yoghurt, 1 piece 85% Lindt.

Saturday 5th February 2011
8am Large piece of brownie, 5 slices of grilled bacon, 2 poached eggs and homemade hollandaise, too full so only ate 3 pcs of the bacon and 1 egg, that's what happens when you eat brownie for breakfast doh!
6pm 2 chicken wings stuffed with seasoned pork mince deep fried nom nom, satay chicken with added cashews.  1 piece of Brownie with cream, hand full of pistachios  and 2 pieces of 85% Lindt.  Got too full and had reflux all night!

Sunday 6th February 2011
1pm Guacamole made with avocado, 1 tsp sour
cream, chopped up cherry tomatoes, coriander/cilantro, hot sauce, lemon juice s&p, 12 almond crackers to go with guacamole, 2 pieces of brownie and 1 decaf flat white with 1 tsp sugar.
7pm Spinach greens topped with cucumber, cherry toms, avocado, roast pumpkin, chicken, bacon and feta with balsamic and avocado oil.  3 pieces of 70% Dark Ghana
Terrible day of chocolate cravings today, that time of a girls month where all hell breaks lose!

Monday 7th February 2011
9am 2 egg omelet w cream fried in butter, filled w ham, tomato, coriander/cilantro and cheese, 2 pieces of 85% lindt.
2pm BBQ Bacon double cheeseburger w extra mayo (no bun), 2 pieces of 85% lindt, 1 almond cracker.
6:30pm 4 lamb cutlets with cream + lamb stock reduction, broccoli, green beans, edamame beans with yum yum mayo and field mushrooms, 2 pieces of 85% Lindt.

Tuesday 8th February 2011
12pm 5 small chicken nibbles fried in butter, 3 almond crackers, 1 piece 85% Lindt.
2pm 2 pieces of sweet and salty dark chocolate
5:45pm Pork stir fry - onion, ginger, garlic, carrot, full of beans mix (yellow, green and edamame), slow roasted pork slices, almond butter, tamari, beef stock and coconut cream, 3 pieces of 70% Dark Ghana and 2 pieces 85% Lindt.  Couldn't finish all my dinner, left about 1/4 of it.

Wednesday 9th February 2011
6pm Roast chicken, gravy + cream reduction, roast carrot, broccoli, beans + cashews fried in butter.  3 pieces of 85% Lindt.

Thursday 10th February 2011
10:30am Scrambled eggs topped with smoked salmon made by my wonderful husband after a few stressful days at work thought he'd make me breakfast :) 2 pieces 85% lindt.
3pm 3 almond crackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon + herb salt, 1 piece 85% Lindt.
7:30pm 3chicken wings stuffed with seasoned pork mince deep fried from thai takeaways nom!!, 1 30gm Macbar - 70% Dark chocolate with macadamias (locally made too)
9pm 3 almond crackers with cream cheese, smoked salmon + herb salt, 1 piece 85% Lindt topped with almond butter.

Friday 11th February 2011 weigh in 70.7 - so no weight loss this week, i'm actually shocked that I didn't gain due to the insane amount of food I have eaten this week eg far too much brownie.  No excuses though I'm aiming to hit the 60's next week so time to get a bit stricter!  Hope you are all still enjoying the journal and pictures :)


  1. I started Primal on 6/6/10 and I like you am 5'6". My starting weight was 90kg and I am now down to 66kg and a size 6/8! Your success story was an inspiration to me and I too did extensive research on MDA and several other primal/paleo blogs. This is such a great way to eat, and I've never felt like I was missing out on anything. It saved me :-)...I also suffered from anxiety/depression after having my 4th baby. I am a mom of 4 and started every pregnancy at around 91kg and would balloon to about 108kg by the pregnancy's end. This was the way it was for a very long time, until going primal in June. My ultimate goal is about 63kg and I'm almost there just 8 months later!I love reading your blog and just wanted to check in and let you know that there are many of us out there doing the same things, eating the same wonderful foods, and getting leaner, healthier and more vibrant by the day! Thanks for sharing your story and keep it up, I will continue to follow your success...GROK ON!!!

  2. Hey Lisette, thanks for swinging by! That is soo very awesome, what fantastic success you have had, I bet you are feeling a million bucks!! I love hearing stories like this and it’s so motivating also. Your blog looks great apart from none of the pictures would load for me... Grok on!!!

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I just saw your results on Marks daily apple and clicked over to your blog. WONDERFUL!! you are an inspiration. I am going to show my hubby your pics-as he's very discouraged after working out faithfully and eating a high carb vegetarian diet he's gained weight! He keeps repeating that it HAS to be his diet(of course!)
    So I told him give your diet to me for 30 days and I will feed you according to the Primal plan and you WILL get results.
    He's eating meat that he hasn't tasted in 6 years, and I know this will work for him.
    Last night I fixed him bacon wrapped pork chops and side of asparagus in butter and he was thrilled.
    Breakfast was eggs over easy and chicken sausage.(no nitrites)

    Here's my sorta personal question-I take a med for reflux for the past 5 years.
    Did the Primal eating help your reflux at all?(i know that cooked tomato sauce is one of my *bad* foods-but I can eat raw tomato)
    I am hoping to cut the med or even get free of it completely.

    thanks and you are a gorgeous person.

  4. Michelle,
    Thanks! I do feel amazing :-), better than I ever have. I'm thankful everyday for finding MDA and blogs like yours, which helped me get to where I am today. The primal community is a very supportive and inspiring one! In regards to my blog, I can't imagine why the photos didn't load up? Everything seems to be working well on my end, maybe it was a temporary glitch. I decided to blog as a way to journal my success and share it with friends and family. It's very therapeutic when I find the time to work on it ;-). Anyhow, thank you for taking a look and best of luck on reaching your goal!


  5. Hi Teresa, Thank you so so much! I hope your husband is enjoying Primal so far, he’s lucky your cooking him that food sounds yummy and men get results pretty fast too so he’ll do well. As for reflux I haven’t ever taken meds for it because it’s never been bad enough, it’s something I will get if I eat too much food or too many rich foods together, like if I have fatty pork for dinner and then super dark chocolate afterwards I’m guaranteed to get reflux quite bad but having them separate is not a problem! Sorry I’m not much help on that front but many people get relief from reflux after going primal so hopefully that happens for you :)


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