Days 18 & 19 Primal Challenge

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 18
7am: Omelet with 2 eggs & cream, filled with tomato, fresh basil and Egmont cheese
11am: Decaf Nepresso & 1 piece cashew & almond chocolate
2.30pm: 2 flax crackers with Camembert, bite of a pork & bacon sausage, primal chocolate chip cookie
7.30pm: Eye fillet with field mushrooms, spinach, red wine jus and hollandaise with hand cut chips
9pm: 1 x Piña Colada

Ok so the day started off super well and then I went out for a lovely dinner with my girlfriends and caved to the chips and then the piña colada! Challenge fail..

Day 19
10am: Decaf Flat White
12pm: 3 poached eggs, 3 strips bacon
3.30pm: piece carrot cake, piece fudge slice
8pm: 2 slices Lamb Rack, pork meatball, pork & pineapple skewer with satay, jamaican chicken bits, sweet potato, yam & salad
1 piece chilli & lime dark chocolate, coconut & mango ice smooze

I did cave again today for my nieces 2nd birthday with the homemade fudge-cake and carrot cake, other than that I ate fairly well! By no means the perfect weekend! Not so sure about my challenge, seems I've left it slide a little, although I've been a lot stricter than I probably would've been if I wasn't on the challenge! Sometimes I wish I could always be a primal ninja...maybe if I was concentrating on weight loss I would be!

Day 17 Primal Challenge 2012

Thursday, September 27, 2012

7am: Scrambled eggs with cream, 3 strips of bacon, Decaf Nespresso, 2 pieces cashew & almond chocolate
2pm: 2 almond crackers with Camembert and smoked chicken, 2 primal chocolate chip cookies
6pm: Chicken & Pumpkin Salad with homemade aioli, a few frozen raspberries

I had such a busy work day today and that was a good thing, I needed to distract myself from the fact I'd been given some amazing cupcakes that were sitting in the kitchen, as much as I'm feeling super ninja right now they were playing on my mind, so I whipped up some Primal chocolate chip cookies, they took all of 15 minutes and it was nice to have as a small treat, I got M to take the cupcakes to work and give them away!

It was lovely to receive the cupcakes from my neighbour and perhaps if I wasn't on the challenge I might have caved, thankfully I'm feeling really good about all my choices lately that I didn't want to sabotage my efforts. So the chocolate chip cookies I made were so delicious and satisfied that sweet spot I was looking for since smelling the cupcakes kind of set me off!

Here's a link to the cookie recipe:

Day 16 Primal Challenge

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7am: 2 egg Omelet with cherry tomatoes and Egmont cheese
10.30am: Decaf Nespresso, 3 pieces cashew & almond chocolate
1pm: Mango Star tea, seafood chowder
6.30pm: Pesto beef burger patty topped with Camembert, salad with tomatoes, roasted red pepper and homemade mayo

Today was great, I went out to Empire for lunch with some friends, ordered the seafood chowder and it was amazing, I gave the bread away, I never find it that hard to resist. The sweet cakes in the cabinet didn't seem to have the same temptation that they usually do when I'm more laxed with primal, it seems that my strictness is having a positive effect on my future choices like it used to :-) My ninja primalness has returned!!

Pesto Beef Burger Patty

I know a lot of people miss burgers when they go primal, paleo or low carb! Here's a great burger patty that will get you salivating!!!

Serves 4

  • 500gms Beef Mince
  • 1 egg
  • 1/3 cup Pesto
  • 1/4 cup Almond Flour
  • Salt & Pepper

Combine all your ingredients in a bowl, divide into 4 and flatten into patties, fry patties for a few minutes each side and then pop in the oven (160C) for 6-8 minutes, then top with Camembert or any other cheese and grill for a minute to melt the cheese.

These patties stay together really well, are juicy, moist and really tasty!

Days 14 & 15 Primal Challenge 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7am: Decaf Nespresso, 2 egg omelet with cream filled with cherry tomatoes and Egmont cheese
1pm: Pork & Bacon Sausage with BBQ sauce, Decaf Nespresso, 2 pieces cashew & almond dark chocolate
7pm: 2 lamb chops, roast pumpkin salad with pine nuts, feta, roasted orange capsicum, tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil.  Raspberries & Greek yoghurt

Challenge is going great, feeling well and truly back in the swing of eating strict primal and it feels really good :)

7am: Decaf Nespresso, 5 strips of deep fried bacon! Yes deep fried in beef tallow, it's unreal, if you've never done this and your a bacon lover then you must!! 2 pieces cashew & almond dark chocolate
2pm: Decaf Nespresso
7.30pm: Creamy Pumpkin Soup, Fresh Tarakihi fish fillets coated with lemon pepper and fried in butter, drizzled with butter drippings and lemon juice

I had a feed of bacon for breakfast as I went to the dentist this morning to have my braces adjusted, I can't generally eat bacon for a few days because my teeth are too sensitive. So it's soft foods for a couple of days.
Stoked to wake up this morning and listen to the podcast over at Paleo Weight Loss Coach with Jedha interviewing me, I'm really pleased how the interview turned out :-)

My Audio Interview about weight loss!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I had the pleasure of being interviewed from Jedha over at Paleo Weight Loss Coach, there is an hour of audio to listen to, if you want to hear the nitty gritty and what I think it really takes to lose a lot of weight then head over there and have a listen! It might be just what you have been waiting to hear...

A wee snippet of the story....
The Inner Weight Loss Stuff & Critical Moments
Michelle and I talked about denial, emotions, and mindset. How we tell lies to ourselves and how often the people around us don’t have the heart to stand up and say ‘hey…your getting a bit fat!’
We’ve all been guilty of staying in states of denial and being stuck in the tomorrow syndrome.
Michelle was in denial for quite a while. She didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until there were 3 critical moments that occured.
1. The photos
Seeing photos of herself was the first thing that put on the alarm bells, she didn’t quite think she was ‘that’ big.
2. Her sister’s baby shower
They played a game where they had to measure the circumference of people’s waistline. Her waistline was bigger than her sister’s who was almost full term in her pregnancy! A big realization.
3. A shopping trip
Going to the shop for some new pants, trying on a size that was way too small and then realizing what ‘actual’ size she was.
These moments woke Michelle up to the truth and to get past the denial Michelle dug deep into her determination and asked herself the questions.
  • *How much do I want to live in a healthy body?
  • *How bad do I want it?
  • *How do I want to feel?
  • *If I’m feeding myself rubbish food, can I really feel how I want?
She realized you can’t cheat weight loss, you can try whatever you like but until you really dig deep and make the commitment, then it’s difficult to make the change. Michelle realized that she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin, and that her personality was actually being dampened down, and she felt that it was affected every single area of her life, so she knew she had to do something about it.

Day 13 Primal Challenge 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

8am: Scrambled eggs, 4 strips bacon, kumara rostis and homemade hollandaise, decaf nespresso and 2 pieces cashew & almond dark chocolate
3pm: 4 almond crackers with Camembert and smoked chicken
6pm 2 pieces Tandoori chicken from India Today

So pleased to have got through the weekend without slipping up and I feel soo much better for it, clear headed, light and fresh and ready for a great week ahead!
Next weekend will be another test, my nieces 2nd Birthday! I do still find it hard to say no to cake, I can do it when I'm focused on something so I'm pretty sure I'll be fine.

Day 12 Primal Challenge 2012

8.30am 2 poached eggs and 5 strips bacon
10am Decaf nespresso, 2 pieces cashew & almond chocolate
3pm 4 almond crackers with blue cheese and 2 with Camembert and smoked chicken, 1 piece cashew & almond chocolate
7pm Eye Fillet with pepper cream sauce, a few kumara chips, spinach greens and a tomato, basil and feta concoction that M made (will call husband M), M also surprised me with his own concoction for dessert!

Cooked strawberries in a teeny bit of brown sugar and butter, he drained most of the liquid off and put a little bit into the whipped cream which made it pink and tasted amazing, topped the whipped cream with the strawberries and some freshly defrosted raspberries, grated some 70% dark chocolate on top ang viola awesome dessert! The mild cooking of the strawberries was such a good idea as they weren't terribly juicy or sweet as the season isn't in full swing yet and you never know the sort of strawberries you are going to get at this time of year, this was a great way to enjoy them! Kudos to M, he's an engineer so cooking is not really his thing but he's wanting to learn more and since he's really just started to take more interest in eating healthy it's kinda cool he wants to learn, I think watching the My Kitchen Rules that he got suckered into watching one day got him interested and now he's hooked on the show and wants to cook!!

So the day of eating went really well! Got through the Saturday which is usually the day I want to cave, having M on track too certainly helps and the warm sunny day always makes it easy to eat fresh :)

Day 11 Primal Challenge 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

7am: Decaf Nespresso
1pm: 2 egg omelet with cream, filled with cherry tomatoes, smoked chicken and Egmont cheese. 2 pieces Cashew & Almond dark chocolate
7pm: 3 pieces of Low carb pizza, recipe here:
2 pieces Cashew & Almond dark chocolate

Awesome day today, spring finally feels like its here! The sun was shining all day and it was really warm, daylight savings is here next weekend and that always makes me happy :)

Tonight I experimented with a new variation of the chicken/mozarella pizza I normally make and it was awesome! I highly recommend trying it if you are one of the many that miss pizza since going primal. It is pretty damn good and it got the thumbs up from hubby which isn't my easiest task ;)

Tomorrow being the beginning of the weekend and normally I have been in a habit of having a "day off" primal for some time now, it will be a real test to go the whole weekend and staying true to the challenge, last weekend was a bit of a fail so this weekend I'm determined that I will make it. I have planned a curry for Sunday night as I'm heading to the dentist this week to have my rubber bands changed on my braces, it's the best time to have a curry as it stains the rubber to bright yellow which isn't the prettiest! I'm also thinking of making some kind of fresh fish for tomorrow night! Fingers crossed its great weather for the whole weekend :)

Low Carb Pizza Base

I've tried many many low carb pizza bases since I've been primal and pretty much all of them have been quite good with a few epic fails!

This one is a winner with hubby who is my biggest critic of any of the 'substitute' concoctions I have tried over the years. He was loving it and gave me words 'You nailed it baby', music to my ears :-)

So the recipe is below, first I would like to give credit to Your lighter side as that is where the idea for combining chicken and mozzarella comes from, she suggests to use an egg and flaxseed if you are dairy intolerant so I figured what would it hurt to just add those in as well and reduce the amount of chicken a little, her original recipe is here if you'd like to try it...

The way I made it was:

  • 3/4 cup leftover cooked chicken breast crumbled in a food processor
  • 1 cup grated Mozzarella
  • 1/4 cup flaxseed
  • 1 egg
  • 1 Tbsp Italian Seasoning

Preheat oven to 215C fan bake

Prepare an oven tray or pizza tray with non stick baking paper plus an extra piece of baking paper.

Crumble the chicken first in the food processor so you can measure an exact 3/4 cup, then pop back in to the food processor, add the cheese and pulse so it crumbles also and then add the rest of the ingredients, it will turn into a slightly sticky dough mixture.

Dump the mixture onto your tray lined with baking paper and either press into your desired shape or roll the dough into a ball and place the other piece of baking paper on top and use your rolling pin to flatten it out evenly.

Bake the base in your oven for 10 minutes and then top with your choice of toppings, there's no need for it to stand or flip. Pop your toppings on and then grill for approx 5 minutes to cook the toppings and crisp the cheese.

I generally top mine with some BBQ sauce, pesto, red onions, cherry tomatoes, roasted red peppers, hot salami, feta or cream cheese and then more mozzarella, then grill.

It was ready to eat right away with my hands which made me feel like I was almost eating the real thing, just remember that nothing will ever work the same as wheat flour but a lot of the low carb recipes are pretty great! This recipe was the best I have tried so far!!!

Cashew & Almond Butter Dark Chocolate

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cashew & Almond Butter Dark Chocolate

  • 150gms Butter
  • 200gms 70% Cadbury Old Gold
  • 100gms 85% Green & Blacks
  • 2-3 Tbsps Almond Butter
  • 200gms Salted Cashews - chopped up
  • (optional: coconut, dried apricots or other dried fruit)

Melt butter, add the broken up chocolate so it melts but no need to boil, you just want to melt the chocolate.  Add the almond butter so thoroughly combined, put in the cashews and pour into a lined dish, pop in the fridge and it should be ready in roughly 3-4 hours.


Days 9 & 10 Primal Challenge 2012

Day 9

7am: Decaf Nespresso, 2 soft boiled eggs, 2 pieces of cashew & almond dark chocolate
1pm: 3 Almond crackers with egmont cheese and smoked chicken, decaf nespresso
6.30pm: Lamb Salad with roasted pumpkin, roasted capsicums, toasted pinenuts, roasted red onion, mesclun mix with feta dressing (125gms feta, 2 Tbsps greek yoghurt, fresh rosemary, juice of 1 lemon, s&p, water to thin, blend!) 2 pieces of cashew & almond dark chocolate

Good day today! I made some delicious cashew & almond dark chocolate yesterday so I will post the recipe up shortly :) Loving the almond crackers with cheese and smoked chicken, I haven't had smoked chicken for a while and I'd forgotten how yummy it is.  The salad for dinner was amazing and it got a massive thumbs up from hubby! I'm not feeling like I'm on a challenge really, my eating feels like it's just normal again and the idea of not having non primal treats isn't phasing me, I think the cashew & almond chocolate is so satisfying that I don't feel like I'm missing out, plus it's mostly fat with very little sugar :)

Day 10
7am: Decaf Nespresso, 4 strips of streaky bacon, 2 squares 70% Old Gold
1pm: 3 Almond crackers with camembert cheese and smoked chicken, decaf nespresso
7pm: Roast Chicken, roast sweet potato and parsnip, broccoli, 2 squares cashew & almond dark chocolate 

Another successful day today! Doesn't that bacon look mouth watering, I don't often have just bacon for breakfast but I just felt like it ;)

Angela loses 53kgs!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Angela's story:

The before picture was taken in November 2010, just a couple of weeks before i started my weight loss journey. At the time I weighed 134kg and my health was starting to suffer, I was constantly tired and my legs ached by the end of the day. I couldn't walk far and i felt really sluggish. I went to see my doctor for an unrelated matter to my weight and he said "You are a ticking time bomb". It was that one sentence that started my weight loss journey. I went home and decided I HAD to make changes or face major health problems. I started by joining Configure Express Gym, I started to eat good healthy unprocessed foods, no more grains for me!

Straight away I started to feel fantastic, my energy increased, my aches and pains went away and my sleep improved. To date I have lost 53 kilos (114 pounds), it has taken me 18 months, I still have a bit more to go until I'm satisfied but i finally feel happy and healthy!

Hasn't she done amazing, I have personally met Angela as she lives in my hometown also. She's an amazing lady and I'm so proud of her transformation, I hope that this story inspires you! Please feel free to leave comments, I know she will read them and will be happy to answer any questions.

Day 8 Primal Challenge

Monday, September 17, 2012

7am: Decaf nespresso, 2 egg omelet with cream, cherry tomatoes and Egmont cheese.
2pm: 3 almond crackers with Egmont and Camembert cheese. 1 piece 85% Lindt.
6.30pm: Rolled pork belly, roasted pumpkin, capsicums, red onion and fresh rosemary, broccoli, green beans with cheese sauce (cream reduction)
Handful of frozen raspberries, 4 pieces 70% peppermint chocolate.

So I'm back on track and cravings have vanished like I knew they would and I'm happy! Stocked up on lots of fresh meat, eggs, veggies and nuts today so this weekend I'm determined to just breeze through with no indulgences. It's not really that hard when I have loads of great food in the fridge, I might even do some primal baking :)

Day 7 Primal Challenge

7am: Decaf nespresso, 2 egg omelet made with cream, filled with cherry tomatoes and Egmont cheese, 2 pieces 85% Lindt
1pm: 3 almond crackers with Egmont and Camembert cheese
6.30pm: Scotch fillet steak with pepper sauce (cream & ground pepper reduced), sautéed pumpkin and orange capsicums and broccoli, handful of frozen raspberries, 2 pieces 85% Lindt

Pretty pleased with how today has gone, had some pretty strong cravings today after the extra carbs I indulged in over the weekend, managed to stay busy all day and focus on something other than the fact I wanted to down lots of chocolate! Snacked on some yummy cheese which dealt to the cravings also, I know that tomorrow I won't have the strong cravings to deal with. Feeling fresh and ready to stay the course for the rest of the challenge, I will not let a little bump deter me :)

Day 5 & 6 Primal Challenge

Sunday, September 16, 2012

10am: 2 poached eggs, 2 pieces bacon and 2 hash browns, Decaf Nespresso
3pm: 3 dark chocolate truffles
9pm: 200gm Angus Pure Eye Fillet with garlic butter, hand cut chips with aioli,, pumpkin, green beans and broccoli. 1/2 serving crème brûlée

Soo day 5 has been alight in terms of sticking with Primal but unfortunately I didn't manage to stay 100% like I wanted to, the choices I made were not wonderful, I guess my decision to go 100% was probably a bigger task than I anticipated, if I was on a weight loss journey then I would have been much stricter.
I never beat myself up about indulging now, it's just part of the journey and then you can easily get back to it! After our weekend away I will be focusing a lot more on being strict, being away is no excuse but I just do tend to fall off a lot easier when I'm not in my routine.

I have had an amazing day of relaxing away from home, we went out to dinner to a place called Aberdeen on Broadway and I had the most incredible steak I've ever had out.  Normally I don't order steak at a Restaurant any more after all the times I have just been so disappointed.  Considering this was a steak house and the AngusPure beef has won the prestigious 'Steak of Origin' award for five consecutive years (2004-2009) I thought that they had to know what they were doing, to my absolute delight I have to say that my steak meal was the best I have ever had, and I've had a LOT of steak meals.  The hand cut chips were cooked to perfection with a homemade aioli and the garlic butter was amazing! Followed by the crème brûlée which we shared, it was all an incredible dining experience! I will definitely be going back when we head to Palmy again.

10am: Bacon, Omelet with cheese and tomato, 2 hashbrowns, decaf Nespresso, 1 1/2 pieces Lindt Coconut
1pm: Decaf Flat White
6pm: 2 slices of bacon, 3 kumara rostis and 2 poached eggs, decaf Nespresso and 4 pieces of 70% Peppermint chocolate

Day 6 was a bit of a foggy feeling day, it always is after a bit of an indulge in too many carbs...
It was a travel day so we just started with a quick breakfast before heading off, stopped on the way for a rest and to get a coffee and then once home we were so tired so we had a nap.  Of course I had no meat out for dinner and couldn't be bothered going to the supermarket nor did I want to have takeaways so we had a 'breakfast' meal for dinner :)

Day 4 Primal Challenge

Thursday, September 13, 2012

7am: Decaf Nespresso
1pm: Real homemade delicious Bacon, cheddar and potato soup! Simply AMAZING, it's from WildCat in New Plymouth (please note I do not have a recipe for this as I purchased it from a caravan), slice paleo brownie
7.50pm: Roast pork, roast pumpkin and kumara, freshly grown broccoli, crackling, applesauce and gravy
9pm: Decaf Nespresso, dark chocolate raisin cluster and dark coconut chocolate

Woke up feeling fresh and enjoyed my coffee, I was hanging out for my delicious soup at lunch and it did not disappoint! The young guy from WildCat had promised me he'd make the delicious Bacon, cheddar and potato soup because it's my favourite, funniest thing is he's named it Michelle's Bacon, cheddar and potato soup which I thought was pretty cool. Apparently he names his soups after some of his regular customers favourite soup. He's got his mums old cookbooks and makes these amazing soups and of course other delish treats ;) If you live in New Plymouth head down to Queen Street, it's just opposite the Govett Brewster cafe on a patch of grass. Can't say enough about these awesome well priced soups, I'm a little sad though because winter soup will be over soon as spring has just begun, not that it feels like it :(

Travelled to Palmerston North today to visit my mum and her husband, they run a really lovely motel, I'm not a huge fan of Palmerston North but I'm here to see them and they always make a fuss of us visiting so it's quite lovely, plus we have a spa in our room and that makes me happy!

Mum made a delicious dinner of roast pork, she's a pretty great cook my mum, it's probably where I get my culinary skills from! Big test will be to see if I can make it through Saturday without caving! Oh the pressure I've given myself!!

Day 3 Primal Challenge 2012

7am: Decaf Nespresso
9am: 2 egg omelet made with cream, filled with cherry tomatoes and Egmont cheese, 4 pcs 70% peppermint chocolate
2pm: Spicy chicken soup
8pm: Chicken breast with skin coated in pesto and wrapped in bacon, roasted sweet potato and parsnip, broccoli and cheese sauce (cream reduction, seasoning and Egmont cheese) 4 pcs 70% peppermint chocolate

It's been a good day today, feeling confident I can go the whole 21 days with no slips, after all I should be able to, I managed an entire year when I was losing all the weight, how hard can 21 days be right?!!

Biggest test will be while I'm away for the weekend and to resist temptation!

Day 2 Primal Challenge 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 2 of my challenge Tuesday 12th September 2012:

7.30am: Nespresso Decaf, 2 egg Omelet with cream, filled with several cherry tomatoes and egmont cheese, 4 squares of Enigma Scarborough Fair Dark Peppermint Chocolate

11am: Nespresso Decaf
2pm: Spicy chicken soup, square of primal brownie
6.30pm: 2 pork strips slow roasted, mesclun salad with pumpkin cubes, roasted pine nuts and roasted red peppers, caramelised red onion and homemade mayonnaise.

Today was a pretty great day, sun was shining and I really enjoyed day 2 of the challenge, feeling fresh and ready for the next 19 days.  Obviously it's not as much of a challenge for someone like me who has been following primal for almost 4 years but the fact of the matter is that I have picked up several bad little habits and it feels good to get back to the basics.  

I had physio today and I bought some spicy chicken soup from WildCat, a caravan that sells amazing soup.  They also sell the most amazing fudge cake full of nuts and it's one of my favourite indulgences that I have every now and then.  I managed to forgo the fudge cake and return home to get some primal brownie out of the freezer and have that instead, feeling pleased that I managed to avoid it and have something primal instead.

Now for someone like me who has lost a stack of weight, like I said yesterday for most people they would never know that I was once morbidly obese.  What has remained is that I still have the ability to get addicted to food.  I have to be very very careful with the choices I make each day and I never feel like I have this in the bag, I always try to keep my eye on the ball.  

Yes I have managed to keep my weight off for 3 years and yes I feel fantastic and would never dream of going back, in saying that because food is always around I do have to continue to make healthy choices. Some days are easier than others and sometimes I feel the fat girl returning and I could eat all my old favs. Will I ever be cured of loving food too much? Probably not, however eating Primal is the one thing that has saved me, I can still enjoy eating plenty of amazing food and keep my weight under control. I always wish I could be the kind of person who doesn't really care for food like I do. Unfortunately that is not me and I'm a huge foodie so it's best to just accept that and move on.

So how is everyone doing on the challenge, is anyone out there even doing the challenge? I would love to hear from you either here on my facebook page!

Day 1 Primal Challenge 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So I've decided to participate in this years primal challenge, I haven't done it since 2009 so I thought it was about time. Not for weight loss, my focus isn't so much about that any more but I do still focus on maintaining my weight loss and looking after my health.

My biggest struggle since losing the weight is not getting cocky and thinking I can just eat what I like! When you are on a weight loss journey you are so determined and focused that nothing will trip you up, the dropping of kilos, pants getting looser, lovely comments all tend to help keep you on track. Once you've lost all the weight people stop commenting and you lose focus, all of a sudden you've become normal. I am now considered a normal weight, no one would ever know that I've been overweight unless they zeroed in on my stomach if I was wearing a bikini. This has been my experience and I'm not saying that it happens to everyone!

My goal for this challenge is really to just stick to 100% Primal as I feel is realistic. I'm always eating primal during the week, I tend to come a little undone in the weekends and let myself have a few treats, unfortunately this makes me feel like crap and my sleep becomes disrupted. Please don't tell me that I eat too much chocolate I know this already ;)

So Day 1 of my challenge Monday 11th September 2012:
7.30am: Nespresso Decaf, 2 squares of 85% Lindt
10am: 2 egg Omelet with cream, filled with 2 strips of bacon and egmont cheese, 2 squares of 85% Lindt

6pm: Grilled lamb chops with sautéed red onion, carrot, red peppers, cashews, basil, topped with butter & a lit'l bit of honey, some greens with homemade mayo on the side! 5 small squares of 70% Enigma Scarborough Fair Dark Peppermint Chocolate

At the moment I'm not exercising as I've had a mild back injury and am going to physio.

If you want to participate then head over to
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