Days 14 & 15 Primal Challenge 2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

7am: Decaf Nespresso, 2 egg omelet with cream filled with cherry tomatoes and Egmont cheese
1pm: Pork & Bacon Sausage with BBQ sauce, Decaf Nespresso, 2 pieces cashew & almond dark chocolate
7pm: 2 lamb chops, roast pumpkin salad with pine nuts, feta, roasted orange capsicum, tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil.  Raspberries & Greek yoghurt

Challenge is going great, feeling well and truly back in the swing of eating strict primal and it feels really good :)

7am: Decaf Nespresso, 5 strips of deep fried bacon! Yes deep fried in beef tallow, it's unreal, if you've never done this and your a bacon lover then you must!! 2 pieces cashew & almond dark chocolate
2pm: Decaf Nespresso
7.30pm: Creamy Pumpkin Soup, Fresh Tarakihi fish fillets coated with lemon pepper and fried in butter, drizzled with butter drippings and lemon juice

I had a feed of bacon for breakfast as I went to the dentist this morning to have my braces adjusted, I can't generally eat bacon for a few days because my teeth are too sensitive. So it's soft foods for a couple of days.
Stoked to wake up this morning and listen to the podcast over at Paleo Weight Loss Coach with Jedha interviewing me, I'm really pleased how the interview turned out :-)

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