Day 4 Primal Challenge

Thursday, September 13, 2012

7am: Decaf Nespresso
1pm: Real homemade delicious Bacon, cheddar and potato soup! Simply AMAZING, it's from WildCat in New Plymouth (please note I do not have a recipe for this as I purchased it from a caravan), slice paleo brownie
7.50pm: Roast pork, roast pumpkin and kumara, freshly grown broccoli, crackling, applesauce and gravy
9pm: Decaf Nespresso, dark chocolate raisin cluster and dark coconut chocolate

Woke up feeling fresh and enjoyed my coffee, I was hanging out for my delicious soup at lunch and it did not disappoint! The young guy from WildCat had promised me he'd make the delicious Bacon, cheddar and potato soup because it's my favourite, funniest thing is he's named it Michelle's Bacon, cheddar and potato soup which I thought was pretty cool. Apparently he names his soups after some of his regular customers favourite soup. He's got his mums old cookbooks and makes these amazing soups and of course other delish treats ;) If you live in New Plymouth head down to Queen Street, it's just opposite the Govett Brewster cafe on a patch of grass. Can't say enough about these awesome well priced soups, I'm a little sad though because winter soup will be over soon as spring has just begun, not that it feels like it :(

Travelled to Palmerston North today to visit my mum and her husband, they run a really lovely motel, I'm not a huge fan of Palmerston North but I'm here to see them and they always make a fuss of us visiting so it's quite lovely, plus we have a spa in our room and that makes me happy!

Mum made a delicious dinner of roast pork, she's a pretty great cook my mum, it's probably where I get my culinary skills from! Big test will be to see if I can make it through Saturday without caving! Oh the pressure I've given myself!!

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