Updated Photo...50lbs Lost!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Well today was a pretty great day, it's good friday and I stepped on the scale and was so stoked to see I'm 84.8kgs, so I've lost quite well this week! I think I may have my momentum back as the weight loss is really starting to happen again after my wee stall. I'm half way there, 50 more pounds to lose but I'm so pleased with my progress, I can't believe I'm not obese anymore, as I had almost lost hope when I was 107kgs.


  1. Wow. Just .. wow! Good on ya!

  2. I found your blog from Marks Daily Apple. It's nice to see women also going Primal. Congratulations on all your weight loss and good luck with the rest!

  3. Wow! You can really see the difference in your face! My own weight loss is all over the place and continually stalling - so seeing it's possible with a fellow New Zealander, one who started off the same weight I did (I was 108 kilo). Your progress gives me reason to keep plugging away! How long did it take?

  4. Hey all, thanks for your kind comments :)

    Beastie Girl - Yeah I too see a huge difference in my face I don't feel so 'puffed' up anymore. It is inspiring to see someone who weighed the same as you and got it off.
    It has taken me 24weeks, some weeks I lost 2kg some .5kg but usually 1kg a week. Tho if you see what I eat I'm really strict on fruit and sugar they just stall me. I will eat berries but they too slow my weight loss so they aren't a daily thing. I have 85% chocolate and I'm fine with that, I still lose. I don't eat too much protein either and keep my carbs around 30net carbs a day but have plenty of fat.
    I'm on a mission to lose it so I'm prepared to be strict to get the weight off and I can start eating more fruit etc once I'm at goal. I am pretty disciplined eating this way however.
    Let me know if you have any questions eh :)

  5. Shell, congrats on your continued steady progress. You look FABULOUS. Keep up the great work. You are an inspiration to so many of my readers and you really seem to have it all "dialed in."

  6. Hi Shell,

    Congratulations! You look amazing, keep it up :0).


  7. Thanks Mark and N your very kind, I will keep it up, I feel like I'm peeling back the layers and finding my true self now :)

  8. HI,
    I wanted to congratulate you on your great result! I just found your blog and I am excited to see more women doing the paleo thing. I am Austrian living in the UK and I am at exactly the same weight as you. Also, the 9th April was my birthday, funny coincidences.
    Ok, enough from me.
    Good luck with your journey and thanks for sharing.
    Marianne x

  9. Hey Marianne, thanks for dropping by! I agree tt is exciting to see other women living the paleo/primal/low carb thing! We do have some coincidences. My brother is in the UK too, he married an english lady, I do miss him tho.

  10. Oh I do miss my brothers who are in Austria too! I am currently living in Manchester. Where did he move to? And how can anyone elver leave beautiful NZ??
    I used to live in Queensland and Victoria in Australia and loved it.
    M x

  11. He is living in Southend, the lady he married is an only child so that's why he left NZ, I know he does miss it tho. I love New Zealand :)


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