Coaching a friend :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In the past 12 weeks I have been coaching a friend of mine lose weight, she's really got it all dialled in and to be honest is now her own coach, she doesn't need me but I think it helps her knowing what I have gone through and when you have a lot of weight to lose that is always helpful while your on your own weight loss journey, it's comforting knowing your not the only one. She is doing so incredibly well and has lost 10.8kgs in 12 weeks, completed a 10km charity run event and is feeling amazing, I'm so proud of her and really honoured that she asked me to help her be accountable, she's outdone herself!

I'm doing really well, my business is booming and I love my job, I'm so very happy, I have an amazing husband and really I can't ask for anything more, I'm truly content and don't ever remember being this happy in my life so that is pretty awesome!!

My weight is stable, I haven't lost any but I haven't gained so I think that's great. I do still want to get this little bit off that I have gained and that is still my goal at the moment however I'm not stressing about it as I think that makes it worse. I still live everyday as primal as I can be but I'm not in weight loss mode, just maintenance and that's ok with me for now. I still feel great and can wear my swimsuit this year and fit my jeans so I'm happy. I'm not aiming for perfection and I am stoked that I'm not 107kgs anymore, I may not be 65 but 71 is ok in my book!
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