Primal Meal Ideas

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Here's some fantastic food ideas that my brother has shared with me.  He lives in the UK and follows primal most of the time.  I thought you all might like some easy and delicious primal meal ideas!  Enjoy :)

Salmon on a bed of spinach along with red pepper, brocolli, mushloom and roast butternut, cheese sauce dusted with paprika!

3 eggs premixed with cream and seasoned, pre cook mushrooms, onions, peppers, tomatoes and bacon
Set stuffing aside, throw eggs into med heat pan and cross thru to add height! cover if poss for a mins
Add stuffing to one half the on top before folding add fresh spinach and a bit of grated/sliced cheese, leave on low heat for a few more mins...and serve!

Greek salad, steak, spinach and mushrooms!
Feta with oregano, onions, and nice tomatoes...lightly fry the onions!
Dont forget the tzatziki and maybe add green chopped lettuce salad to the mix.

Burger wrapped in lettuce along with cheese and tomato!

Chicken wrapped in bacon covered in mozzarella with sundried tomato paste and stuffed with mushrooms
Along with Butternut wedges, roasted  tomatoes, courgettes and brocolli
Stuffed raw chopped mushrooms with parsley straight into the chicken breast that was nearly sliced in half.

Spanish omelette with onions, pepper, grated courgette and only a few new potatoes, finished under the grill to puff up!
The beef meatballs cooked in a reduced chopped tomato sauce with mushrooms, cream cheese, bacon...mmm

Cottage pie with sweet potatoes, beef bolognese mix at bottom of buttered dish, layer of tomatoes, topped with grated courgette and then mashed sweet potato on top...then add sliced beetroot and cheese...season!
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