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Monday, August 15, 2011

Hi Michele! Just discovered your blog and it's very inspiring. I'm considering doing Atkins style or Paleo but you like you've done a fusion of both, right? I don't want to totally give up dairy -- mostly a bit of cheese, cream cheese and cream in coffee. So, is that considered Paleo still with some dairy or what would that be? Thanks!

Thanks for your question, definitely a valid point and one which I have a bit of experience in.  I have done all sorts of different mixes of atkins, protein power, paleo and primal, I personally find that Primal is best as it’s not quite as strict and something you can follow for life easily.  Depending on your goals of either weight loss or improved health it’s really just a sliding scale on the ratios you have.  Personally I do really well when I keep my fat high, moderate protein and low carb however I’m doing an experiment of high fat, moderate protein and carb just for a change and to see what results I get from it.  If you tolerate dairy well then there’s really no need to limit dairy.

Here’s a great explanation as to why some people do better with dropping their carbs right off and others need to increase them:

However, not everyone functions well in ketosis. They get brain fuzzed, lethargic and just generally feel awful. Even with weeks of being on a ketogenic diet, they never seem to adapt completely. That’s not a good recipe for long-term adherence to a diet or healthy functioning or training.

Tangentially, I’d note that this seems to be related to inherent levels of insulin sensitivity. Individuals with good insulin sensitivity, who typically run well on carbohydrates, tend to not do well on low-carbohydrate diets. In contrast, individuals with insulin resistance often do far better reducing carbohydrates and that often means going to ketogenic levels. Finally, some people seem to have the metabolic flexibility to do well with either diet. I address this issue in more detail in article Insulin Sensitivity and Fat Loss.
Personally I’ve never run very well on a high carbohydrate level, I feel lethargic, groggy and generally unwell not to mention constantly hungry.  I do excellent in a mild state of ketosis, I’m never hungry, I have more mental clarity, brighter skin, lower weight, better sleeps the list goes on. 
I hope that helps and gives you some food for thought and thanks again for your kind comment and interest in my blog.
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