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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

In the past 12 weeks I have been coaching a friend of mine lose weight, she's really got it all dialled in and to be honest is now her own coach, she doesn't need me but I think it helps her knowing what I have gone through and when you have a lot of weight to lose that is always helpful while your on your own weight loss journey, it's comforting knowing your not the only one. She is doing so incredibly well and has lost 10.8kgs in 12 weeks, completed a 10km charity run event and is feeling amazing, I'm so proud of her and really honoured that she asked me to help her be accountable, she's outdone herself!

I'm doing really well, my business is booming and I love my job, I'm so very happy, I have an amazing husband and really I can't ask for anything more, I'm truly content and don't ever remember being this happy in my life so that is pretty awesome!!

My weight is stable, I haven't lost any but I haven't gained so I think that's great. I do still want to get this little bit off that I have gained and that is still my goal at the moment however I'm not stressing about it as I think that makes it worse. I still live everyday as primal as I can be but I'm not in weight loss mode, just maintenance and that's ok with me for now. I still feel great and can wear my swimsuit this year and fit my jeans so I'm happy. I'm not aiming for perfection and I am stoked that I'm not 107kgs anymore, I may not be 65 but 71 is ok in my book!


  1. Your friend is lucky to have you to guide her. Kudos to you for having maintained. It's tough to do! Happy Holidays!

  2. Sounds like you have it sussed. Good for you, you have the right attitude. And how cool to be able to pass on what you've learned and help someone else!

  3. I'm with you on not stressing. Eat and train primal and your body composition will take care of itself. It's a good thing that the "last five pounds" are the hardest to lose. The body needs to be convinced that you mean business and that it will not be in high insulin (i.e. net fat storage) mode tomorrow or the next day. If the last five were as easy to lose as the first five, we would all need plastic surgery to deal with the excess skin. This way, your skin gets to keep up with the gradual shrinkage of your adipose tissue.

  4. Hello :)

    I've recently stumbled across your blog after finding MDA. I've lost 30kg with an online trainer but am starting to think that primal is the way to go for my last 30ish kg. I wanted to stop in and tell you how well you've done and to say keep posting!


  5. I started the PB about a month ago and found your blog from your success story on the PB site. I have been reading your blog non-stop for the last few days. It has been soooo helpful to me. I, too, have suffered from anxiety and weight issues all my life. You are truly an inspriation to me! I have at least 100lbs. to lose and seeing that you have been able to stick with this program for over a year has really been an encouragement to me.
    Congrats on your weight loss and business success!! And, thank you for this wonderful blog!!

  6. Thank you all for your wonderful comments! Jude well done that's an impressive weight loss and primal will definately be what you need get the remaining 30kg off. DollyFinn thank so much, I love hearing that I can inspire people so thanks for commenting, the impact primal has on my anxiety is better than any medication that I've tried, good luck with your journey, would love to hear how you go :)

  7. Dollface-Can I please ask you some questions? I am new to the primal thing and feeling a little confused.
    Assumming that you don't mind- here are my questions:
    1) Were you strict about counting your carbs daily?
    2)I am sorta emotionally attached to tea (I am trying to decrease how much I consume per day) and love a tsp of honey in it. Can I ask which sweetener you use when you have coffee or tea? I am trying to decrease the amount of honey I use per cup.
    3) Maybe I didn't read your blog correctly but it seems that when you first started your primal journey you didn't worry about exercise as much. Did you do cardio back then and, if so, what did you do and how much??

    Ok, sorry to ask so many questions. Thank you for your help!!!

  8. Yes ofcourse it’s no problem, this is why I do this blog to help others :)
    1)In the beginning I did a fitday count for a week just to see what sort of amounts of food I could eat within my calorie/carb allowance and then I got a feel for how much food I would be satisfied with and what my hunger levels would feel like if I lost and if I maintained or gained. When I was losing I would probably have two good sized meals a day and maybe a little snack, not till I was stuffed or I’d pay for it, but just nicely satisfied. I think I was pretty good at listening to my body and just knew when I was in fat loss mode, obviously you might be different but it might pay to do fitday or dailyburn for a week or so and see how you go, also depending on your personality if you are a numbers person that would be helpful knowing you are hitting the right numbers or you might not be and find it easier listening to your body.
    2) Still have your tea but try and limit it to one cup per day if you are trying to lose, it’s ok to be having a little indulgence but just watch any cravings, just have honey in it or sugar, don’t use any artificial sweeteners just stick to honey or sugar. In maintenance you could have a couple and be fine.
    3) I didn’t do any exercise, not that I advocate it, I think exercise is so awesome for your body and if you enjoy it and can do it then nothing is stopping you, I just felt like I needed one thing I could stick to 100% and I made that choice to be the food, for others they might find they want to do exercise then they can ease up a little on the food. Hope that helps and anything else feel free to ask :)

  9. Thank you so much and your new lay out looks so pretty!!


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