Happy 2011!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Happy 2011 Everyone, hope your year has started well! I had a wonderful chrismtas and New Years, a bit too much indulging of non primal foods but I'm happy to say that I'm back to my primal ways, after gaining another kilo which puts my at 72.4 exactly today and a photo to show it. I have vowed to get back to 65 kgs by Easter weekend and then by my 30th Birthday which is in May i'm aiming to get to my ultimate goal of 62kgs.

I've started food journaling again which is what I did to get my weight off and I know it works for me, keeps me accountable and focused. I'm hoping to find my camera soon (which I have misplaced after the move) so that I can start taking a few pics of my food for you all to see, it's not all that exciting but may help some of you.

I'm also going to start posting weekly with my weigh in and maybe my food journal if I can be bothered writing it all out!

You may have noticed I have updated all my pictures to show the front, side and back shots at 107kg, 95kg, 84kg, 77kg, 72kg and 65kg, if not you can view them at the bottom of my blog after my story. Enjoy!

I have had a real increase in hits on this blog lately so to all you out there that don't comment thanks so much for reading and I hope my story can inspire any of you wanting to improve your health this year. Pleae feel free to comment and if you have any questions I'm happy to help :)

This is going to be a great year!!


  1. Hi there, I have just found your blog in the last few days after deciding to really change my lifestyle and attitudes around food and exercise. I have always been a big beleiver in low carb nutrition and followed atkins for 12 months, losing 25 kgs down from 110 kgs. but due to some major life changes (divorce, moving house,changing jobs) i have slipped back into eating upwards of 150 grams of carbs a day. I discovered the paleo/primal way of eating and have been flat out researching and reading blogs and wanted to let you know that you are a real inspiration to me, and i cant wait to start this journey. ill definitely be a regular reader from now on! keep up the great work and outlook!

  2. Thanks for posting! Well done on making a decision to get back on the right track, it can be hard when there are major life changes and all three of those things are huge stressors so not surprising that weight loss is the last thing on your mind. Primal/paleo is definitely a great choice and simply the way your body will feel it’s best, I remember when I found Marks Daily Apple I spent like a week solid researching the whole site! Good luck for your journey and I’ll keep posting, I never realised how much my blog really helps people and it’s motivating me to want to post more :)

  3. Keep it coming - you are a real inspiration!

  4. I just love your blog!! So inspirational!! Keep up the good work. I will follow your blog to stay motivated!

  5. How tall are you (sorry, if I've missed it somewhere)?

  6. Thanks guys, great to know that people out there are motivated and feel inspired!
    MountainDew - don't actually think I have put my height anywhere, I'm 5'6 :)

  7. Would love for you to post your food journal, could sure use some new ideas!

  8. Hi! I am one of the lurkers. I dipped my toe into the primal world at the end of last year and have fully committed this year.

    My husband found & introduced me to MDA. A link from there brought me to you. I read back through your story and it is very motivating and encouraging. Glad to see that you are planning to post regularly again. I have found that a morning visit to some of my fave blogs keeps me feeling positive that I can make the changes that I want and need to make.

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience.

  9. Hi Trixie, will post this past weeks food journal on friday :)

    Hi Lisa
    Thanks for commenting, great that you are commiting to Primal this year, I too found it really helpful at the start of my journey to visit MDA and blogs I loved and it definatley helps keep you focused, good luck! :)


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