Food Journal Week 2

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I have decided that I will commit to posting my food journal and weight until I reach my goal! It has kept me motivated being accountable to all of you so I figure that's a good thing :) Enjoy the Food Porn....

Friday 21st January 2011 Weight 71kg
5:45pm 2 almond crackers, 3 macadamia nuts.
7pm Dinner at a friends, wish I had my camera on me as she made us this awesome Salad! Filled with salad greens, chicken, roast pumpkin, roast carrot, green beans, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, avacado and feta with balsamic and avacado oil.  Soo satisfying
10pm 1 pc Lindt 85%

Saturday 22nd January 2011
8:45am 2 poached eggs, 5 small strips streaky bacon with homemade hollandaise.  2 almond crakcers, 1/2 pc 85% Lindt.
9:45am 1 x 30gm Macadamia dark chocolate (70%) bar, Decaf Flat White w 1tsp sugar
3pm Leftover chicken cut up with leftover roast pumpkin, parsnip and carrot with a fried onion and gravy reduction (stock+cream), 2 pcs Sweet and Salty Chocolate (will post recipe), 1/2 pc 85% Lindt.
8:15pm Small glass of husbands strawberry and banana smoothie (made with yoghurt and milk), 1 pc Coconut bread fried in butter topped with almond butter, 1 pc 85% Lindt, Bowl of homemade strawberry sorbet topped with coconut oil/ 85% chocolate.

Sunday 23rd January 2011
8:30am Scrambled eggs made with cream, 4 small strips streaky bacon with homemade hollandaise, 1 pc 85% Lindt.
1pm Decaf Flat White with 1 tsp sugar, 1 x 30gm Macadamia dark chocolate (70%) bar.
6:45pm Roast Pork w crackling, roast pumpkin, carrot and pasnip, fried zucchini and broccoli w gravy reduction, 2 pcs 85% Lindt.

Monday 24th January 2011
6pm Boneless rolled chicken with bacon and garlic butter roasted with gravy reduction, edamame and yellow beans with yum yum mayo, 1 pc 85% Lindt.
7pm 30minute walk

Tuesday 25th January 2011
8am 2 poached eggs, 5 small strips streaky bacon.  2 pieces of Sweet and Salty dark chocolate, 1/2 piece 85% Lindt.
11am Decaf Flat White w 1 tsp sugar
2pm 1 piece of Coconut Bread fried in butter topped with almond butter, 2 almond crackers, 1 1/2 pieces 85% Lindt.
6:45pm Angus Pure Scotch Fillet steak topped with creamy musrooms and a Large Salad - Spinach greens, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, basil feta, fresh corriander, avacado and yum yum mayo, 2 pieces 85% Lindt.

Wednesday 26th January 2011
7am Omelet made with Cream fried in butter filled with mushrooms and parmesan.
Road trip....
3pm BBQ Double cheeseburger with mayo (no bun), 3 pieces 85% Lindt.
7:15pm 1 pork slice, roast pumpkin, silverbeet and beans with hollandaise, fresh golden peach and pineapple fruit salad with whipped cream.

Thursday 27th January 2011
8am 2 poached eggs, 3 grilled pieces of middle bacon, 1/2 grilled tomato and creamy mushrooms
Decaf Flat White w 1tsp Sugar, 1 piece 85% Lindt.
12:30pm 1 Decaf Flat White w 1tsp Sugar.
4pm Roast chicken wing and half a thigh with the skin, 20 pistachio nuts, 1pc 85% Lindt.
7pm Out to Dinner with friends: Entree: Char-grilled Lamb Cutlets on panzanella salad with balsamic dressing and cumin jus, Main: Lemon Crusted Hapuka with Bok Choy, caramellized parsnip, baked cherry tomatoes and white wine sauce, small slice of husband's eye fillet steak.  Desert: Cheese Board shared with 3 of us: a few hard and soft cheeses with 1 strawberry and 3 slices of apple. All the crackers got left :) Decaf Flat White w 1 tsp sugar, 1 pc 85% Lindt.

Friday 28th January 2011 Weigh in 70.4kg...Verdict 600gm loss is great considering how much food I have actually eaten, I am away on holiday this week so I'm using different scales so this loss may not be entirely accurate....will have a better idea next week.


  1. Hi Michelle,

    The food you eat looks so good. How do you make those mushrooms? Since October I have lost 9 pounds! It's awesome and I'm so happy. At 180 pounds, I have 30 more to go with a goal of Aug 1 which will mark 1 year for me. Here's my question: I tend to eat meat for every meal, is that ok? Or only ok for the short term? Also, is it possible to not lose weight but still be slimming down?


    *happy new year

  2. Hey Kelli

    Thanks, the mushrooms are just the field mushrooms chopped up fried in butter to cook them then add cream, s&p and let them cook out a little so the cream reduces. That's awesome 9 pounds, you will get there! Meat is fine for every meal but at the end of the day calories I think do count especially for females. If you are exercising eg weights it's possible to drop body fat without losing on the scale, just keep an eye on your clothes they are the true sign :)

  3. Again, just want to say thank you for taking the time to post your food journal. It is so helpful to me!! Congrats on your weight loss. You are doing so well!!

  4. Thanks DollyFinn, yep pretty happy that it's on the downward once again. I'm pleased that my food journal is helpful to you also :)

  5. The funny thing is, my clothes fit pretty much the same, but I do look better in them. I guess they were really tight before! Oh well. Lol.

    Thank you for the advice and the mushroom recipe.


  6. Hello from the States! I just found your page via "Mark's daily Apple", and I've been enjoying perusing your blog entries for the past 3 days! I had one question though....have you ever posted a grocery shopping list?

  7. Hey there and Welcome!! I was like that when I first found Marks site, I think I spent about a week searching it. I have never thought of posting my grocery shopping list but since you asked maybe I will do a special post, it's a great idea, thanks :)

  8. Thanks for the consideration! I suppose it's a bit silly, but the truth is that it's easy to get all geared-up to conquer the grocery aisles while I'm at home, then as SOON as I get in the store, the distractions and usual purchases take over! Looking forward to it, when it comes! Cheers!


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