Day 12 Primal Challenge 2012

Saturday, September 22, 2012

8.30am 2 poached eggs and 5 strips bacon
10am Decaf nespresso, 2 pieces cashew & almond chocolate
3pm 4 almond crackers with blue cheese and 2 with Camembert and smoked chicken, 1 piece cashew & almond chocolate
7pm Eye Fillet with pepper cream sauce, a few kumara chips, spinach greens and a tomato, basil and feta concoction that M made (will call husband M), M also surprised me with his own concoction for dessert!

Cooked strawberries in a teeny bit of brown sugar and butter, he drained most of the liquid off and put a little bit into the whipped cream which made it pink and tasted amazing, topped the whipped cream with the strawberries and some freshly defrosted raspberries, grated some 70% dark chocolate on top ang viola awesome dessert! The mild cooking of the strawberries was such a good idea as they weren't terribly juicy or sweet as the season isn't in full swing yet and you never know the sort of strawberries you are going to get at this time of year, this was a great way to enjoy them! Kudos to M, he's an engineer so cooking is not really his thing but he's wanting to learn more and since he's really just started to take more interest in eating healthy it's kinda cool he wants to learn, I think watching the My Kitchen Rules that he got suckered into watching one day got him interested and now he's hooked on the show and wants to cook!!

So the day of eating went really well! Got through the Saturday which is usually the day I want to cave, having M on track too certainly helps and the warm sunny day always makes it easy to eat fresh :)

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