Day 11 Primal Challenge 2012

Friday, September 21, 2012

7am: Decaf Nespresso
1pm: 2 egg omelet with cream, filled with cherry tomatoes, smoked chicken and Egmont cheese. 2 pieces Cashew & Almond dark chocolate
7pm: 3 pieces of Low carb pizza, recipe here:
2 pieces Cashew & Almond dark chocolate

Awesome day today, spring finally feels like its here! The sun was shining all day and it was really warm, daylight savings is here next weekend and that always makes me happy :)

Tonight I experimented with a new variation of the chicken/mozarella pizza I normally make and it was awesome! I highly recommend trying it if you are one of the many that miss pizza since going primal. It is pretty damn good and it got the thumbs up from hubby which isn't my easiest task ;)

Tomorrow being the beginning of the weekend and normally I have been in a habit of having a "day off" primal for some time now, it will be a real test to go the whole weekend and staying true to the challenge, last weekend was a bit of a fail so this weekend I'm determined that I will make it. I have planned a curry for Sunday night as I'm heading to the dentist this week to have my rubber bands changed on my braces, it's the best time to have a curry as it stains the rubber to bright yellow which isn't the prettiest! I'm also thinking of making some kind of fresh fish for tomorrow night! Fingers crossed its great weather for the whole weekend :)

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