Day 5 & 6 Primal Challenge

Sunday, September 16, 2012

10am: 2 poached eggs, 2 pieces bacon and 2 hash browns, Decaf Nespresso
3pm: 3 dark chocolate truffles
9pm: 200gm Angus Pure Eye Fillet with garlic butter, hand cut chips with aioli,, pumpkin, green beans and broccoli. 1/2 serving crème brûlée

Soo day 5 has been alight in terms of sticking with Primal but unfortunately I didn't manage to stay 100% like I wanted to, the choices I made were not wonderful, I guess my decision to go 100% was probably a bigger task than I anticipated, if I was on a weight loss journey then I would have been much stricter.
I never beat myself up about indulging now, it's just part of the journey and then you can easily get back to it! After our weekend away I will be focusing a lot more on being strict, being away is no excuse but I just do tend to fall off a lot easier when I'm not in my routine.

I have had an amazing day of relaxing away from home, we went out to dinner to a place called Aberdeen on Broadway and I had the most incredible steak I've ever had out.  Normally I don't order steak at a Restaurant any more after all the times I have just been so disappointed.  Considering this was a steak house and the AngusPure beef has won the prestigious 'Steak of Origin' award for five consecutive years (2004-2009) I thought that they had to know what they were doing, to my absolute delight I have to say that my steak meal was the best I have ever had, and I've had a LOT of steak meals.  The hand cut chips were cooked to perfection with a homemade aioli and the garlic butter was amazing! Followed by the crème brûlée which we shared, it was all an incredible dining experience! I will definitely be going back when we head to Palmy again.

10am: Bacon, Omelet with cheese and tomato, 2 hashbrowns, decaf Nespresso, 1 1/2 pieces Lindt Coconut
1pm: Decaf Flat White
6pm: 2 slices of bacon, 3 kumara rostis and 2 poached eggs, decaf Nespresso and 4 pieces of 70% Peppermint chocolate

Day 6 was a bit of a foggy feeling day, it always is after a bit of an indulge in too many carbs...
It was a travel day so we just started with a quick breakfast before heading off, stopped on the way for a rest and to get a coffee and then once home we were so tired so we had a nap.  Of course I had no meat out for dinner and couldn't be bothered going to the supermarket nor did I want to have takeaways so we had a 'breakfast' meal for dinner :)


  1. I notice you have potato?? Is that Primal? I know there are variations but I've always thought of potato as very high carbohydrate. Did you eat potato while loosing weight? Just wondering, I know everyone does this differently.

    1. Me again - I just read up on potatoes on Mark Sisson's website. I didn't realise they were OK - but only if you don't have to worry about carb intake as I do. There you go, I've learned something. My main concern is blood sugar levels so I do restrict potatoes.

    2. Hey Lynda, although they are considered OK and technically can be primal I don't have them often because they are so high in carbs, when I want a bit of a treat I do have them and because I'm not trying to lose weight it's ok every now and then. When I was in weight loss phase I did not touch potato whatsoever!


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