Days 18 & 19 Primal Challenge

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Day 18
7am: Omelet with 2 eggs & cream, filled with tomato, fresh basil and Egmont cheese
11am: Decaf Nepresso & 1 piece cashew & almond chocolate
2.30pm: 2 flax crackers with Camembert, bite of a pork & bacon sausage, primal chocolate chip cookie
7.30pm: Eye fillet with field mushrooms, spinach, red wine jus and hollandaise with hand cut chips
9pm: 1 x Piña Colada

Ok so the day started off super well and then I went out for a lovely dinner with my girlfriends and caved to the chips and then the piña colada! Challenge fail..

Day 19
10am: Decaf Flat White
12pm: 3 poached eggs, 3 strips bacon
3.30pm: piece carrot cake, piece fudge slice
8pm: 2 slices Lamb Rack, pork meatball, pork & pineapple skewer with satay, jamaican chicken bits, sweet potato, yam & salad
1 piece chilli & lime dark chocolate, coconut & mango ice smooze

I did cave again today for my nieces 2nd birthday with the homemade fudge-cake and carrot cake, other than that I ate fairly well! By no means the perfect weekend! Not so sure about my challenge, seems I've left it slide a little, although I've been a lot stricter than I probably would've been if I wasn't on the challenge! Sometimes I wish I could always be a primal ninja...maybe if I was concentrating on weight loss I would be!

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