Day 2 Primal Challenge 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Day 2 of my challenge Tuesday 12th September 2012:

7.30am: Nespresso Decaf, 2 egg Omelet with cream, filled with several cherry tomatoes and egmont cheese, 4 squares of Enigma Scarborough Fair Dark Peppermint Chocolate

11am: Nespresso Decaf
2pm: Spicy chicken soup, square of primal brownie
6.30pm: 2 pork strips slow roasted, mesclun salad with pumpkin cubes, roasted pine nuts and roasted red peppers, caramelised red onion and homemade mayonnaise.

Today was a pretty great day, sun was shining and I really enjoyed day 2 of the challenge, feeling fresh and ready for the next 19 days.  Obviously it's not as much of a challenge for someone like me who has been following primal for almost 4 years but the fact of the matter is that I have picked up several bad little habits and it feels good to get back to the basics.  

I had physio today and I bought some spicy chicken soup from WildCat, a caravan that sells amazing soup.  They also sell the most amazing fudge cake full of nuts and it's one of my favourite indulgences that I have every now and then.  I managed to forgo the fudge cake and return home to get some primal brownie out of the freezer and have that instead, feeling pleased that I managed to avoid it and have something primal instead.

Now for someone like me who has lost a stack of weight, like I said yesterday for most people they would never know that I was once morbidly obese.  What has remained is that I still have the ability to get addicted to food.  I have to be very very careful with the choices I make each day and I never feel like I have this in the bag, I always try to keep my eye on the ball.  

Yes I have managed to keep my weight off for 3 years and yes I feel fantastic and would never dream of going back, in saying that because food is always around I do have to continue to make healthy choices. Some days are easier than others and sometimes I feel the fat girl returning and I could eat all my old favs. Will I ever be cured of loving food too much? Probably not, however eating Primal is the one thing that has saved me, I can still enjoy eating plenty of amazing food and keep my weight under control. I always wish I could be the kind of person who doesn't really care for food like I do. Unfortunately that is not me and I'm a huge foodie so it's best to just accept that and move on.

So how is everyone doing on the challenge, is anyone out there even doing the challenge? I would love to hear from you either here on my facebook page!

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