My Audio Interview about weight loss!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I had the pleasure of being interviewed from Jedha over at Paleo Weight Loss Coach, there is an hour of audio to listen to, if you want to hear the nitty gritty and what I think it really takes to lose a lot of weight then head over there and have a listen! It might be just what you have been waiting to hear...

A wee snippet of the story....
The Inner Weight Loss Stuff & Critical Moments
Michelle and I talked about denial, emotions, and mindset. How we tell lies to ourselves and how often the people around us don’t have the heart to stand up and say ‘hey…your getting a bit fat!’
We’ve all been guilty of staying in states of denial and being stuck in the tomorrow syndrome.
Michelle was in denial for quite a while. She didn’t realize how bad it had gotten until there were 3 critical moments that occured.
1. The photos
Seeing photos of herself was the first thing that put on the alarm bells, she didn’t quite think she was ‘that’ big.
2. Her sister’s baby shower
They played a game where they had to measure the circumference of people’s waistline. Her waistline was bigger than her sister’s who was almost full term in her pregnancy! A big realization.
3. A shopping trip
Going to the shop for some new pants, trying on a size that was way too small and then realizing what ‘actual’ size she was.
These moments woke Michelle up to the truth and to get past the denial Michelle dug deep into her determination and asked herself the questions.
  • *How much do I want to live in a healthy body?
  • *How bad do I want it?
  • *How do I want to feel?
  • *If I’m feeding myself rubbish food, can I really feel how I want?
She realized you can’t cheat weight loss, you can try whatever you like but until you really dig deep and make the commitment, then it’s difficult to make the change. Michelle realized that she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin, and that her personality was actually being dampened down, and she felt that it was affected every single area of her life, so she knew she had to do something about it.

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