Day 16 Primal Challenge

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

7am: 2 egg Omelet with cherry tomatoes and Egmont cheese
10.30am: Decaf Nespresso, 3 pieces cashew & almond chocolate
1pm: Mango Star tea, seafood chowder
6.30pm: Pesto beef burger patty topped with Camembert, salad with tomatoes, roasted red pepper and homemade mayo

Today was great, I went out to Empire for lunch with some friends, ordered the seafood chowder and it was amazing, I gave the bread away, I never find it that hard to resist. The sweet cakes in the cabinet didn't seem to have the same temptation that they usually do when I'm more laxed with primal, it seems that my strictness is having a positive effect on my future choices like it used to :-) My ninja primalness has returned!!

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