Day 1 Primal Challenge 2012

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

So I've decided to participate in this years primal challenge, I haven't done it since 2009 so I thought it was about time. Not for weight loss, my focus isn't so much about that any more but I do still focus on maintaining my weight loss and looking after my health.

My biggest struggle since losing the weight is not getting cocky and thinking I can just eat what I like! When you are on a weight loss journey you are so determined and focused that nothing will trip you up, the dropping of kilos, pants getting looser, lovely comments all tend to help keep you on track. Once you've lost all the weight people stop commenting and you lose focus, all of a sudden you've become normal. I am now considered a normal weight, no one would ever know that I've been overweight unless they zeroed in on my stomach if I was wearing a bikini. This has been my experience and I'm not saying that it happens to everyone!

My goal for this challenge is really to just stick to 100% Primal as I feel is realistic. I'm always eating primal during the week, I tend to come a little undone in the weekends and let myself have a few treats, unfortunately this makes me feel like crap and my sleep becomes disrupted. Please don't tell me that I eat too much chocolate I know this already ;)

So Day 1 of my challenge Monday 11th September 2012:
7.30am: Nespresso Decaf, 2 squares of 85% Lindt
10am: 2 egg Omelet with cream, filled with 2 strips of bacon and egmont cheese, 2 squares of 85% Lindt

6pm: Grilled lamb chops with sautéed red onion, carrot, red peppers, cashews, basil, topped with butter & a lit'l bit of honey, some greens with homemade mayo on the side! 5 small squares of 70% Enigma Scarborough Fair Dark Peppermint Chocolate

At the moment I'm not exercising as I've had a mild back injury and am going to physio.

If you want to participate then head over to

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