I'm blogging again!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Hi all, I'm back and ready to start blogging again.  I've had a really full on few weeks, husbands back surgery went really well, it was all fairly straight forward a few hiccups but all settling down now, he's resting lots but is walking around a fair bit but just can't bend quite yet, another 3 weeks and it should improve a whole lot.

We were away in Auckland for the surgery and I had my wonderful friend whom I've been coaching to lose weight (post on that to come in the future) cart me around Auckland, look after me and feed me some decent Primal food, also my Mum and her Parter also live there and they did the same.  So I was really blessed that I had that support and also managed to stay relatively primal the whole time! I felt so proud when I got to see how much Primal has changed and impacted their lives it gives me hope that one person at a time we can change peoples eating habits.

So unfortunately I've not really kept a detailed food diary was just not viable while I was away and then when we got home it was just a little too hectic with trying to manage the business and be a caregiver/nurse.  I have however still managed to snap a few pics of my recent foods and also a few extra pics of New Plymouth where I live and the wonderful views I get on my walks down our beautiful coastal walkway. 

On Thursday last week I ended up with some very nasty food poisoning which  I'm only just starting to feel better from today, it was our wedding anniversary on Friday night and my celebration dinner was well chicken soup lol! Postponed the dinner for when I'm eating properly again :)  As for my weight it obviously has dropped after being sick and it's hovering around 66kgs so at this stage I don't see that realistically staying that low after all being so dehydrated and all it can't help but go up but it was kind of nice to see the numbers but totally NOT worth having food poisoning for, I have never felt so sick in all my life and I've had it before but this was just awful!

Anyway onwards and upwards, very much looking forward to eating some real decent primal food and hoping I can reach 65kgs by my 30th birthday in mid may!  Enjoy the pics :)

Yes that is KFC and it's a homemade doubledown as we don't have them here yet, not all that primal but damn good and better than a burger! They weren't both mine ;)


  1. So pleased to have you back! Meals as usual look spectacular. I'm off track at the moment due to a move and the carb craves in full force. Your posts inspire me. Couldn't have come at a better time. x

  2. The food looks amazing. Glad you are over being sick. I am still reading my Primal Blueprint book but I am trying to start eat Primal as much as possible. I need to get some food ideas and you gave me plenty with your photos!

    Thanks and welcome back!

  3. Oh hai. I was reading Richard Nikoleys blog and found your interview. Richard told us to say that you did well in that interterview if we came by your blog. So...you did really well in that interview, will start to read your blog.

  4. hello, just came across your blog and find it very inspirational. i also want to lose weight in a healthy way. how do you manage to keep such detailed food journal?

  5. Hi - I found you via Mark's Daily Apple.
    I've been building up the courage to go Primal and I was thrilled to find a fellow Kiwi woman doing so very well on it :-)
    Today is my first day.
    I look forward to checking in and seeing how you are doing - and your food looks amazing!
    Please don't stop blogging :-)

  6. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments, keep em coming, when I realise it's helping so many others it inspires me to keep posting :)

  7. So glad your back and everything went well for your husband. Thanks for sharing those beautiful pictures! You've inspired me to start my own blog about my weight loss experience. You can read it hear
    http://300lbsdragon.blogspot.com/ I would love your feed back:)


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