Maintaining and finding balance!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hello lovely peeps! I have been really enjoying my digital detox, life without Facebook and IG has been very liberating :) I have had far more time to workout, I've been doing a bit of LesMills BodyBalance and weight training and have continued my walking apart from when it's really crappy weather! I am still eating approx 100gms carbs a day and loving it, I still make most of my meals healthy and balanced and I'm doing really well with moderation, eating an icecream or takeaway meal without going balls to the wall so feeling quite balanced at the moment! I can't even tell you how awesome it feels to not be so obsessed with trying to fall under a 'diet umbrella' and to have finally fallen into a nice healthy rhythm! Do I still have my fat days where I doubt myself and think I'm bigger than I am or I'm extra bloated and think I'm back to where I started and still 107kgs? Of course I do! but this is a huge journey that never ends and comes with all kinds of insecurities! I don't even know what I weigh, haven't weighed for a couple of months but my jeans feel comfortable and that is what makes me feel happy. I'm detached from the scale number these days and I am mentally in a far better place than I have ever been. It's only taken me 5 and a half years but there's no quick fix and maintenance is HARD! I'll post the odd photo when it's photo worthy but it won't be a daily thing, finding balance in all areas of my life is no easy feat! Hope you are all doing well on your journey :D

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