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Friday, July 11, 2014

A couple of years back a friend of mine offered to do a little photo shoot, I had just had my braces taken off and was grinning from ear to ear, I'd waited all my life to smile and not feel self conscious about my crooked teeth. When he asked me I kept delaying it because I was hoping to lose a couple more kilos but eventually hubby convinced me to do it.

So I did it and I loved it, it was a lot of fun! When I first saw the photos I initially zoomed in on my large legs, they've always been my most disliked body part, I never really appreciated how strong those puppies are and that I can do a hill climb on my bike faster than my husband who is over 6 foot!

Once I started accepting that I'm never going to have super lean legs and that my legs are built for power and strength I started to feel empowered. I can look back on these photos now and really admire them, this is what I look like at my natural weight.

Throughout my weight loss journey I have had many moments of doubt, of still not feeling slim enough and only until recently am I truly feeling some level of peace with my body. I have finally discovered I don't need anyone else to like my body but me.

I have had to consciously work with myself on this everyday. I've been every different size throughout my life and even when I saw ribs poking through I still zeroed in on my legs because it was never about the size I was anyway, it was about having love for myself. I had to change my internal dialogue to compassion and love.

We are our own worst critics and once we can accept our body and it's natural shape and truly love it even if it may not be our picture perfect ideal that is when we can find peace.

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