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Monday, February 23, 2009

Well here goes, my first post...
so I've been doing so well with my weightloss, losing about 1kg a week consistency, having lost a total of 16kg which is wonderful, however it has slowed or stopped, so yesterday I did my first 24 hour fast, I had dinner at 6.30pm Sunday night and didn't have anything to eat until 6.30pm last night. I had read a lot of blogs and articles which talk about how fasting can break you from a stall/plateau and "reset" your hunger which I think I needed.

I won't lie it wasn't easy I was sooo hungry, even being in deep ketosis I was still hungry but it wasn't the type of hunger where you think you might pass out, it was just a deep knawing hunger which was on and off, quite weird. I had my dinner and was soo hungry I ended up eating a bit too much and then had that horrible full feeling. However today has been good,I haven't felt like I needed to "catchup" on my calorie intake which is great. I haven't weighed myself again, I've decided to wait until the weekend and I guess I won't take too much notice since at this stage I have added weight training and the scale might not give me the reading I want. Patience is not one of my traits ;)

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