Friday, February 27, 2009

So last night we had Americana come to town which is pretty cool for little new Plymouth. I was a bit of a bogan in my teenage years so I love to be amongst the smell of burning rubber and the noise that deafens you for the rest of the night especially with 800 hot rods rolling through our small “city”.
We grabbed some dinner at Sushi Ninja which is my favourite place ever, it’s the only place I can eat out and stay true low carb, everyone says to me but sushi has rice, well yes it does but real Japanese food doesn’t have to. So I had tuna tataki with wasabi mayo, chiku-mayo which is like the yummiest thing on earth, they call it a fish “cake” but is kind of like calamari with heaps of grilled mayo and just to die for, and then my beloved edamame beans which are very satisfying and a great compliment to dinner. So I ate at 6pm and lasted all night till 12 when I started getting seriously hungry but the wow thing for me is just to even last that long without eating, I used to only go 3 hours and be screaming for food, just another wonderful benefit of low carb.
I did weigh myself this morning I can’t help it, but I shouldn’t have because when it reads not so good it does frustrate me. Maybe I’ll take some of the advice Marc from gave Beastie girl and to throw out the scale….don’t know if I can actually do that tho.


  1. I've got the exact same problem with weighing myself. When I see some success, it's some incentive for me to keep going, but when I see the scale go up or not move for any length of time, it leaves me feeling really frustrated and sometimes makes me question my commitment to low-carb eating.

    Congrats on the new blog!

  2. *snerk, cough, laugh, cough!*


    Bwa ha ha ha haha!

    I had forGOTTEN about that word!

    *Happy sigh*

    I wasn't a bogan in my youth - I did the Metallica fan thing for a while, up until the age of about 14 - after that the lure of Gothdom took over to the point where at 31 I can still be found dressed occasionally in 100% black.

    Uh.. ramble much? Sure do!

    CONGRATS on your new blog. You should check out this one too - fellow Kiwi gal -

  3. Hey dollface!

    Congratulations on your success so far! It's very inspiring - thanks for sharing your story.

    If you decide to keep on with the fasting, rest assured that it does get easier.

    So kewl to have another kiwichick to talk to about this paleo thing. Keep up the good work.

  4. Thanks for all the comments guys :)


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