It's been a year!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hi all, yes I'm still here, sorry I'm getting pretty slack with this blog!
It's been a year since I started this low carb journey and i've lost 40kgs!! 88lbs!!
I have never felt better and I'm finally starting to feel like a slim healthy person. I went shopping for my first dress purchase since losing the weight, we have my mother in laws 60th party in a couple of weeks and I wanted to spoil myself.

I bought a NZ size 10 and I couldn't believe it, it's such a huge change from the size 18 and 20's I used to wear. I still pick up larger sizes than what I need which I guess makes sense, it's taking a while for my brain to catch up and realise how much smaller I am now. My weight is 67kg exactly an I've hovered around that for a couple of weeks now just enjoying it and having a little more food than normal.

Will be back into weight loss mode soon and my goal is 60-65kg so not really that far from goal anyway. Yes I will post some photos as soon as I reach 65 :) Hope your all doing well!


  1. Well done Shell! What a wonderful achievement. I know what you mean about picking up too large sizes, I do that too!

  2. Congrats and good luck losing the last little bit!

  3. Well done! Cannot wait to see a pic.
    M x

  4. awesome job! sounds like a settled, comfortable spot you've found in your new life. no troubled yearning for foods like when we lose with low fat diets. bravo!

  5. Thanks for all your support, it is going to be tough getting the last little bit off and it's easy to get comfortable having those primal indulgences a little too often ;)

  6. Awesome! Congrats! I am struggling with that last bit myself...but I'm trying to give myself time. Slow and steady wins the race right? :)

  7. Yeah it's not easiest to lose the last bit but definately slow and steady :)


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