Letting loose

Sunday, November 15, 2009

This past weekend we had two celebrations, my mother in law's 60th and my husband's birthday so I decided since I'm pretty close to goal that I'd have 2 days 'off' I guess you'd say. Well I enjoyed the weekend so much and didn't worry about food whatsover and indulged in A LOT!

Saturday started off good, had bacon and eggs for breakfast and some lamb chops on the BBQ. Dinner at the restaurant was Pork Belly which was amazing served with mashed potato, kumara and apple topped with an asian sauce and greens. Mostly primal and bloody good. Pudding was carrot cake that I actually made for my mother in law, it's the Jamie Oliver recipe with ground almonds and topped with lime mascapone icing and it tasted amazing!! the rest of the night I ate chips and dip, chocolate covered strawberries and a few mussels on the bbq followed by a lot of nibbling on the leftover cake...
Sunday morning I was still full soo full so we went out and had coffee in the morning so I just had my normal decaf vienna. Lunch with my husbands family was fish and chips, I had 1/2 a chip buttie, a saveloy, crabstick and a piece of fish. In the afternoon I ate a few chips and dip then dinner we went to an italian restuarant and I had 2 slices of cheese topped pizza bread followed by a few bites of a pasta dish then Veal filled with parma ham and camembert topped with a creamy mushroom sauce, it was the most amazing dish and I will have it again as it was pretty primal. Then when I got home I had the last of the carrot cake and a few Cadbury Rose's chocolates. OMG how indulgent is that!

I actually feel like I have just had 2 days on drugs or alcohol, seriously!! I have never felt so sluggish and high. It has just shown me how powerful high sugar and high carb foods are. I have always known that I don't respond the best to non primal foods but boy it was weird.

I also felt no self control and just wanted to eat everything and anything to the point it was ridiculous and I had to say to myself it ends Sunday night and back to normal on Monday.

I am doing well so far but I know the cravings are going to be pretty bad and I'm not even thinking of weighing myself.

So a few fasts will be on the calendar this week and I'll be back on track, I know losing this last bit is going to be tougher than ever but slow is alright with me :)


  1. its not the cheat that hurts so much as not getting back on track. glad to see you're ready to go back to primal now :)

    i had a great week that ended with a big barbeque. i simply ate ribs and beef until full and THEN gave myself permission to eat cake/milk. i was disappointed on how little i could eat, but it kept me from eating so much sugar that i tanked into a sugar coma. on an empty stomach i could empty out a bakery.

    congats on being at goal! you have done a wonderul job!

  2. oh how true is that, luckily I love primal food so much it's not exactly like I'm missing out, can just be tough when you have the cravings. Hahaha that's so true eh that if you have an empty stomach you can eat so so much more sugar. Thanks, it does really feel great :)


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