The Primal Blueprint Cookbook Review

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This cookbook was just what I needed, thank you Mark! After losing so much weight I have kept to fairly basic primal fare with the odd experimentation, now I'm not going to lie I have definitely had a few weekends of too much 80/20 which I have talked about previously and many times felt it hard to get on the straight and narrow of primal. It's so easy to get drawn into eating bread, fried foods and sweets and sometimes the willpower of just wanting to eat well doesn't always work.

Enter the Primal Blueprint Cookbook, this book has given me new found motivation to say no to the crap foods that every now and then enter my mouth and keep me from getting to my desired goal weight. I've had my primal blueprint cookbook for just over two weeks and have tried out the Walnut Brownie, which was the first thing I made :) Coconut Icecream, Salmon Cakes, Coconut Pancakes, Almond Crusted Poached Eggs.

I love this cookbook so much, it gives me the much needed inspiration to add some great meals to my diet and you definitely won't get bored with the array of recipes. You can tell how much time and effort has gone into this cookbook, all the recipes have full color pictures and such precise instructions.

I'm so impressed with this book and I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone, even if you aren't following primal yet you soon will be once you get your hands on this cookbook, there is no need to eat grains once you've discovered this way of cooking.

Well Done Mark and Jennifer!!

Below are a few sample pics of some of the recipes I've made...

Walnut Brownies

Coconut Pancakes
Almond Crusted Poached Eggs

Salmon Cakes


  1. Yum! I have to get that cook book! BTW: My fiance and I are going to honeymoon in NZ. Do you recommend any good places to eat that are Paleo friendly?

  2. Hey Trixie, It will depend, where are you spending your time in NZ?

  3. I've just purchased it. Does it have a recipe for primal pizza?

  4. Hey Sue, No it doesn't, the best primal pizza to me is the Meatza or Cauliflower pizza. I think when it comes to finding a flour substitute for a pizza base it's not going to be entirely primal. So many other awesome recipes though and the brownie is to die for. My latest thing is to add a block of green and blacks 85% chocolate chopped up into the brownie and it's perfect!!

  5. Not sure where yet,I'll keep you posted:)

  6. You are looking great, I just started the Primal Blueprint 2 and a half weeks ago, so far so good... I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are for me :)


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