Quick Update

Friday, September 10, 2010

Hi guys, just a quick update, I'm extremely busy at the moment and haven't had one chance to sit down and blog, I'm moving house and business which is occupying all my time. Hopefully I'll get back to blogging in a few weeks so bear with me. I'm still Primal as ever and it's really helping to keep my energy up eating clean. Take Care :)


  1. Just found your blog and love it! Truly inspiring to find someone who eats this way and has success. I'm just getting started but cant wait for amazing results like yours!

  2. Looking forward to hearing from you when you get settled!

  3. Hi there! I just found your blog, and you're already an inspiration. I started eating primal/paleo a few weeks ago, and am so hooked. It's better than anything I've ever tried. I really believe in it!
    Do you find it pretty easy to do in New Zealand? I'm from the U.S. b ut I moved to Australia, and it seems a bit tougher for me as low-carb is practically unheard of here. Oh well. I make it work.
    So glad I found your blog. :)

  4. Hello, I've been reading your blog for a bit now. I have been Paleo for about 2.5 months and have lost 20 pounds. I am 190 pounds now and my weight has stalled and evern when I eat well, it goes up. I eat well, but have not been exercising because I had surgery on my feet and cannot do much physical activity. I am at a loss with what to do now. Do you have any suggestions? I have been overweight my whole life and am tired of it. My ultimate goal is 140 pounds. Please help. Thank you.


  5. Hi all so sorry for the late replies has been chaos around here!

    Hi Fullbodytransformation, thanks so much, your blog is awesome and love your food ideas!

    Hi Sara, Starting to get settled now and hopefully will start blogging any day now...

    Hi Felicia, Thanks :) I do find the support isn’t there with low carb, people are just so anti it and think everyone who does low carb is doing atkins and killing themselves, pretty small minded. Your blog is great and awesome results by the way!!

    Hi Kelli, As you get lighter in weight you need to reduce your caloric intake, exercise is not vital to lose the weight it’s about 10-20% of it, I lost mine without it so it’s definitely possible although I would suggest exercise of some sort if you can. It just really does come down to keeping your carb levels low enough so you hit the sweet spot of weight loss and making sure your calories aren’t too high, keep your fat high, protein moderate and carbs low. Have you read Mark Sissons book The Primal Blueprint? He has an awesome website called www.marksdailyapple.com there is a ton free info on there and it should help you out. Hope that helps a little :)

  6. Michelle,

    Thank you so much for getting back to me. Yes, I read Mark's blog and it's fantastic. Your advice is golden. I've done just as you suggested and have also cut out dark chocolate (which I was eating a ton of)and simplified my food. I realized I was clouding good food with too much stuff that it was no longer good. I've started this month with this new attitude and have gone from 188.8 - 187.2 in just 3 days. I'll keep you posted. You are a God-send!


  7. Your welcome Kelli, glad I can be of some help. I hear ya with the dark chocolate which is also my downfall! I have started just having either one piece with a meal and then I brush my teeth which stops me wanting more or else I skip it all together. Good luck :)

  8. Hi Michelle,

    Was great reading your blog (Have been looking at going primal and found your link) I loved the interview on Good Morning - its great for New Zealanders to know there are so many benefits in ditching the processed foods! Tane Randalls peice was also great!
    I have fallen off the Low carb wagon last year (after loosing 30kg) and gained 7.8 back - am on a bit of a shock diet at the moment and have lost nearly 7kg in 2 weeks so nearly back to what I was happier at. Im looking at loosing another 14kg. Was wondering about your habits in terms of working out ?- Love the food diary - It looks so good. Im doing another week and a half of a cleanse then low carbing (with no fat for 3 weeks) then have planned to start living primal as I love low carbing but find some of it a bit restrictive in terms of fruit etc. Do you still eat much fruit? Also I notice you dont often eat breakfast - Is this cause fasting is recommended or your not hungry?
    Also - I noticed you only have decaf coffee and artificial sugar? Im a sweettooth and a foodie and love eating out - do you give into temptation while in cafes ?
    Sorry about all the questions -Am very interested in your journey as looking at your photos it was like looking at a blonde me in terms of the body size.
    Thank you for your blog its very inspiring and just what I need at the moment for a kick up the backside!

  9. Hey there, Thanks for your kind comments, it’s going to take a wee while for NZ to catch up but it will eventually! Well done for losing that much, it’s no easy feat, the odds are stacked against those that lose a lot of weight that is why I feel that primal is much more sustainable. I find most other diets were too restrictive with the fat intake, as you can probably tell from my food diary’s that I’m a savoury person over being a sweet tooth, don’t get me wrong I do love sweet food but feel more satisfied after a savoury meal and just like to finish it with a couple of squares of chocolate. As for working out I’ve never been all that good with sticking to a workout plan, I’m pretty spasmodic and will go hard then lose interest so to be honest I just only do something when I can be bothered, that’s something I need to work on!

    I don’t eat much fruit, have never been a big fruit eater, when in maintenance you can get away with more but when it comes to losing unfortunately fruit acts much like sugar and will convert to fat easier than a steak will! Fasting is definitely recommended however I often don’t eat breakfast because I’m not all that hungry and I let it happen naturally, if I wake up and I’m hungry I have breakfast. I have decaf coffee but I’m not sure where you got that I have artificial sugar? That was back in my atkins days over 5 years ago and I’m pretty anti it now, I just stick to 1 tsp of regular white sugar. I enjoy eating out also but it’s not often that I will give in to temptation while at cafes, I often have primal brownie in my freezer so if I’m feeling the need when I get home I will have a piece and that will satisfy any need I have. Glad you find the photos inspiring, they inspire me when I need a kick up the backside too ;)


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