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Monday, June 27, 2011

So I thought I would do something new, I'm a bit bored of posting my food logs so instead I would love to hear any questions you guys might have.  I'll answer each week depending on the amount of questions I get, I'm not entirely sure if there will even be any questions but if any of you are stuck or just think I might be able to help then I will do my best.  Don't be shy I'd love to hear from you :)


  1. Hey Michelle

    Just wanted to say I have loved reading your blog. Have been eating mostly Paleo/Primal for the last few weeks and already seeing and feeling changes, mind and energy seems brighter which is something everyone seems to say happens. You are looking wonderful and should be very proud of your achievements. Coming from eating 5-6 times a day (3 meals, 2 snacks) I must admit am struggling a little - thinking and uswed to eating more often?? Fritatta in am, nuts and green tea for snack one, salad/veges and meat for lunch, protein shake (no-no) and meat/veges for dinner....also am loving fresh berries and cream for dessert....What are you up to in the way of gym at the moment?? Anyway just wanted to say hi and I have enjoyed watching your a cruise in Dec 2011 - so thats motivation for me!! :)

  2. I don't feel I need to ask you questions. Your success and photos of what you eat keep me coming back to your blog for inspiration. Ann x

  3. Thanks Ann, I will continue to post photos of what I eat :)

  4. Hi Michelle

    I don't have any questions to ask at the moment. I just wanted to say that your story really inspired me to start eating the PB way. I have been eating this way for nearly 18 months and I feel so much better. I am now learning to listen to my real hunger cues. It is so much easier now that I don’t have a high carb diet.
    Thank you very much for sharing your story and congratulations on your transformation. You look stunning. Keep up the good work.


  5. Hi Michelle,

    I just read your story on "Mark's Daily Apple" I couldn't believe how similar our stories are! I actually am going to start following the paleo/primal lifestyle again as of Monday...and actually had started a blog of my own to chronicle my progress. Thank you so much for being so open about what you've been through. If you'd like to read my story I'm at
    I'm so excited to start following your blog :) You're truly an inspiration!


  6. Hey Kirsty, thank you so much for your lovely comments, I love hearing from readers like yourself, your blog is amazing, so many great recipes I'm going to try, thanks again for posting :)

    Hey Natalie, wow our stories are soo very similar and I'm so pleased that you found my story at MDA, I'm looking forward to following your progress too :)

  7. Hello!
    I just love your blog!! I come here often to get some much needed motivation! So my one question would be how strict were you when you started your journey? Did you count carbs daily? I have read Mark's S. book and its wonderful but I'm not to sure if I should count carbs at the beginning.

    Thank you so much for your blog!


  8. Whoops I just read your about me and it says 50gms carbs daily. Sorry about that. Thanks again Suki

  9. Hi Michele!

    Just discovered your blog and it's very inspiring.

    I'm considering doing Atkins style or Paleo but you like you've done a fusion of both, right? I don't want to totally give up dairy -- mostly a bit of cheese, cream cheese and cream in coffee.

    So, is that considered Paleo still with some dairy or what would that be?



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