Too many Double Downs!!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

This week has improved from last week, I cannot say however that my food choices have improved all that much, some definate areas need tightening up.  Not a weight loss week at all which doesn't surprise me.  My consumption of KFC double downs and non primal chocolate has become a little too often for my normal allowance of 80/20 rules.  I think I need to try and make a consious effort to reduce those indugences....So I have posted my food journal after saying last week I couldn't be bothered which I still kind of can't but I thought it might help me to be a little more accountable again, seems I need a little focus to get my food patterns back in line.  Hope you enjoy the journal, sorry it's certainly not a good week of strict primal by all means. 

Friday 3rd June 2011
B: Decaf Flat White w 1 sugar, 1 piece 85% Lindt
L: Cajun Chicken with corriander greek yoghurt, 2 pieces 85% Lindt
D: Double Down (Michelle Style) with Pineapple, smoked cheese, BBQ sauce and Mayo wrapped in cos lettuce.  Decaf Flat White w 1 sugar, 70% Old Gold, Whittakers Fruit and Nut

Saturday 4th June 2011
B: Eggs Benedict at local Cafe, on top of rosemary potatoes with caramalized onion, decaf Flat White w 1 sugar
L: Whittakers Fruit and Nut, Macadamia White Chocolate (lost count)
D: 1 piece Snapper, crabstick and Chips

Sunday 5th June 2011
B: 3 poached eggs with 3 strips bacon and homemade hollandaise. 
L: Decaf Flat White w 1 sugar, 4 pieces 85% Lindt
D: Double Down (my version), 1/2 regular chips, 10 pieces 70% old gold

Monday 6th June 2011
B: Double Down (my version), 2 pieces 85% Lindt
L: Decaf Flat White w 1 sugar, 3 pieces 70% Old Gold
D: Sirloin Steak, Cauliflower with Cheese Sauce and roast pumpkin, Primal Brownie with greek yoghurt

Tuesday 7th June 2011
B: Omelet filled with cheese, cream cheese and bacon, 4 pieces 85% Lindt
D: 2 pieces Meatza, 4 pieces 85% Lindt

Wednesday 8th June 2011
B: 1 piece leftover Meatza with extra cheese, 2 pieces 85% Lindt
L: Yoghurt Berry Smoothie - small glass, 6 pieces 70% Old Gold
D: Cajun Chicken with pumpkin and cashews served on corriander cauliflower rice with corriander greek yoghurt
S: Primal nut slice

Thursday 9th June 2011 
B: 1 piece leftover Meatza with extra cheese, 2 pieces 85% Lindt
L: Yoghurt Berry Smoothie - small glass, Decaf Flat White w 1 sugar, Primal Nut Slice
D: Sirloin Steak with Pepper Sauce, zucchini and broccoli, mashed pumpkin with cream cheese.
S: 6 pieces Whitakkers Fruit and Nut chocolate 

Friday 10th June 2011 Weight 67.4kgs


  1. I'm re-reading your blog for inspiration. So good. Did you ever give us your recipe for sweet and salty chocolate? Ann

  2. Mmmm. Your food all looks so tasty. I may just have to try making a double down now :)

  3. I'm eating too much chocolate at the moment too - must be the weather!
    Your double-downs look good, so much better than the kfc ones :-)


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