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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Yesterday I started googling to find a fusion teapot for fruit tea and came across Pratty's Feel Good Teas, I ended up ordering the teapot, 2 tins of tea and 3 free samples and it arrived this morning, talk about excellent fast service :-)

I was pretty stoked to find an amazing online store like this in New Zealand, such a great looking website offering awesome well priced products, the range of teas is pretty mind blowing and some very cool creative names like Steamy Pina Colada, Lime with Envy, Jim Jam'n Pear, Bundle of Joy and Nutty Apple crumble just to name a few.  I love her story also, goes to show if you have a huge passion for something you can turn it into a successful business!

Just to let you know that I am in no way affiliated with Pratty's teas nor have I ever tried this tea before but I just had to share with you guys because the fruit teas that I've just sampled this morning are pretty amazing!

At the moment I'm trying to break my dependence on decaf coffee and too much dark chocolate as most of you know I eat a lot! So I've decided to do a wee challenge and only have 2 squares of 85% Lindt and only 1 decaf Nespresso with cream & sugar per day! I have been having about 3 coffees and up to 100gms of choc a day, suffice to say its gotten a little out of hand. So the reason I've chosen to replace that habit with fruit teas is because they are much lower in carbs and calories plus the fruit teas have no caffeine! They taste so fresh and healthy too :-)

See the pics below for a little sample of what she has or visit the online store for her full range which has every kind of tea you could imagine.

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