Primal, Paleo & Low Carb in New Zealand!

Monday, November 11, 2013

A great watch if you can handle an hour of nutrition talk! I'm a geek so I love this stuff 

Grant Schofield is a professor at AUT who is challenging the current conventional wisdom and is a huge proponent of a high fat, low carb diet. He also specialises in low carbohydrate diets for athletes. Check out his website for some truly great posts especially about Ketogenic diets which I have been very successful with.

I just love that we have some great developments for Primal, Paleo and low carb diets in New Zealand and these amazing people are really doing their best to get the message out there:

Grant Schofield (
Caryn Zinn (
Mikki Williden (
Jamie Scott (
Julianne Taylor (
just to name a few. Keep up the great work guys!!

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