Sneak Peak

Sunday, October 4, 2009

This is the closest picutre you'll see until I get to 65kg ;) Weighed in today at 68.8kg so it's still on the downward and no stalling but it is relatively slow! I'm sure the IF really helps to keep my body guessing. Still loving the gym, it's starting to feel like I've made a permanant change which is amazing to me. BTW that's not my Red Bull ;)


  1. Wow, you look so good!
    You were stylish even when bigger but I think as you slim down you have more wardrobe options.

  2. im with sue. you were a doll when before you went primal, now you're just a tiger! :)

    good thing about red bull, grok never drank,,course, he never drank the java i swig either. gulp.

  3. Looking great! Can't wait to see the next set of pics!

  4. Congrats once again! You are so beautiful!!!

  5. Wow guys thanks so much, your all very very sweet :)


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