In the 60's!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sorry about my lack of posts, time has been an issue lately, my business is going really well so my blog is suffering because of it.

I had a party on Saturday and had some very high carb/calorie foods and I paid for that, felt a little crap! Back on the wagon on Sunday though so no major.

Workouts are going great, still loving the gym, somedays more than others ;)

My weight loss is slowing down a little but it's still going down so I'm really happy with my progress. Today I weighed 69.4kg!! Can't believe I'm finally in the 60kg bracket wohooo!!!


  1. *fireworks* *corks popping* !!!!

    way to go dollface! so proud of you!

    priorities are a must. so glad you are reporting in from time to time :)

    keeping busy and off the pc helps you burn more fat :):)

  2. Into the Sixties!!! Well done you! So good when you get into the next decade (so to speak.) I am only a little bit away from the Eighties, can't wait. I'm starting Dr Eades 6 week cure on Monday so I hope that will do the trick!

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved.

  4. Thanks Rachel, yeah there were fireworks here too LOL So true that staying off the pc helps burn more fat!!

    Thanks Judith, it does feel wonderful. Oh your doing well!! :) I find it soo motivating when your near the next "decade". What is Dr Eades 6 week cure?

    Thanks sue :-)

  5. OMG - that's fecking awesome and I'm insanely jealous.

    And I mean totally insane. *twitch* :)

  6. Hey Beastie girl, thanks!! Hope you doing well aside from the twitch ;) and as cliche' as this sounds remember where I was and it's definately doable!

  7. Well done Shell!
    I love following your blog. Are you going to put up a motivational pic for us soon?
    Good luck with the business by the way!!
    M x

  8. Hey marianne, I'm going to do another pic at 65kg so will wait till then but I'm about to put on a casual one taken at the weekend :)


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