Pizza Omelet

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

So what to do when you really just feel like a pizza....make all your favourite toppings inside an omelet and then top with sauce and cheese. Honestly this tasted soo good, obviously not the real thing but when you can't eat bread you can't eat pizza so here's what I did...

Red Pepper
Cherry tomatoes
Spinach (would have used mushrooms but didn't have any)

All cooked in butter then 2 eggs whisked with added water and cream, S&P. Pour egg over cooked filling then cook for a few minutes then under the grill for the rest of the cooking. Then take it out of the oven, top it with a mixture of tomato paste, oregano and basil then lots of Parmesan cheese or a mix of Mozarella and Parmesan would be great also. Once browned top with Basil Pesto mmmmm so yummy.
I only ate three quarters of this for lunch and I'm so so full. The little piece that was left over is in the fridge and I reckon it would taste pretty good cold, then you could pick it up and eat it like a pizza, great idea for work lunches!


  1. something tells me that might be better than the real thing!

  2. Oh I reckon it is but I'm biased LOL
    I had that leftover piece today and oh still so good!


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