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Sunday, February 7, 2010

I have noticed if I ever eat a non primal food it just tastes and seems so foreign, eating primally just comes naturally to me now and I love how it doesn't feel forced or like hard work.

Maybe that's when you feel like it's sustainable. I don't think there's anything wrong with eating a few non primal foods as a treat but it can set you up for a host of carb cravings which are not the easiest to deal with.

However if you love eating primal then it shouldn't be too hard to get back on track, here's a few of my vices that I can now say I'm officially addicted to....

1. Bacon - Streaky and the more fat the better
2. Mayonnasie...but not just any mayo, Japanese mayo
3. Dark chocolate at least 70% cocoa content
4. Decaf Vienna or Mochachino

Yes weird I know but since eating primal these are my vices that I indulge in and it just makes eating this way feel natural and normal and like I'm not missing out on anything. I know they aren't all strictly primal but I don't eat huge amounts of them ;)

I'd love to hear from you what your top vices are?


  1. Green & Black's 85% is my absolute favorite, particularly if it's a little soft from having sat above my computer. It tastes really sweet to me these days.

    Gypsy Tea's Coconut Chai tea with heavy cream in it is another of my vices. I've gotten to the point where I can enjoy it without sweetener. I feel good about that.

    I love mayo, too--homemade mayo. I've got the process down pat now. Canned tuna packed in olive oil mixed with homemade mayo is so incredibly good. Why did I never know this before now? (I'd always eaten tuna packed in water--it's what my mom bought, and I just kept on buying the same thing. All this time I never realized that tuna fish wasn't just some dry proteiny thing you add stuff to to make it palatable.)

    What's in Japanese mayo?

  2. Hey Heather, It's just the best when the Green and Blacks is a little soft, just so smooth. That coconut chai sounds incredible, I've never seen it available here before but I might have to do some searching.

    Homemade mayo wins hands down even to Japanese mayo, it's not really anything different in Japanese mayo but it tastes soo close to homemade stuff which is why I love it. Tuna-mayo is awesome especially the oil packed stuff, maybe it has a bad name because it's a body builders staple and they don't eat much nice tasting food.

    By the way your food blog is amazing, I will definately be trying some of your recipes they look mouthwatering!!

  3. Thank you! I've only just started it, after months of thinking about it. It's made cooking even more fun!

    I've had your blog in my Google Reader since I happened upon a link to your "Picture Time" post. You've gone through an amazing change!

    A good quality regular chai with coconut milk instead of cream in it is probably as good as the coconut chai itself. (But don't try coconut butter in your tea. I tried it last week on a lark, since regular butter is good in tea, and coconut is good in tea...NOT coconut butter. Alas.)

  4. Well it's a great site and it makes me what to get more adventurous in the kitchen!!

    Yep it sure has been one hell of a change and for the better :)

    Ok I will try the coconut milk in regular chai, not coconut butter ;)

  5. I just tried G&B's 85% chocolate for the first time. It's really great!

    It's taken a while to get to the point where something like that tastes sweet, though. (A while ago I tried Lindt 85% and couldn't stand it.)

    What's the difference between streaky bacon and normal bacon? The package in the pic looks like normal U.S. bacon.

  6. Hey Alicia, I was the same with Lindt 85% and now I love it, G&B's is still my favourite though, much smoother. Oh streaky bacon is basically half fat, half bacon comparted to middle bacon which just has the fat around the edges, I prefer the fattier stuff ;)

  7. Interesting. You might already know this, but in the U.S. the only bacon option that has less fat is "turkey bacon," which is gross. (It's tiny bits of turkey meat colored to look like bacon and pressed into a bacon shape. Awful.)

    Anyway, I don't think I've ever posted to your blog before but I read it all the time. You've been a big inspiration to me, and your progress pictures look fantastic.

    I tried paleo last year, but wasn't really ready to give up the SAD, so my attempt didn't last long. But I've worked on my habits/addictions for the last year and now I'm giving it what seems to be a much more successful shot (specifically following the guidelines on


  8. Ewww that sounds gross!
    I'm stoked you read it and find it inspiring, that makes me happy!
    Great that you have been working on your habits/addictions, it's not easy so good on you. The website is fantastic and you will do really well if you follow his guidelines :)


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