Should you hold on to your fat clothes?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Parting With Skinny Jeans?
Holding onto your ‘skinny’ clothes that don’t fit you anymore can make you feel hopeless that you’re never going to get back there. It can definitely hurt your self-esteem and maybe sabotage your weight loss, they can be a constant reminder that you’re no longer at your ‘ideal’ size. I think this was mostly true for me, I decided after I got married close to 3 years ago I was going to get rid of my really skinny clothes, mostly size 8 because I never felt it was going to be possible to get back to that size, I was a size 16 at the time.

I’m kind of gutted I got rid of them because now that I’m getting close to that size I realise I would have fitted a few of them and that would have been a great feeling. In another way maybe it was a good thing that I got rid of them, I didn’t give myself any pressures to be that ‘size’ again. Even now that I’m close to goal I am glad I don’t have any particularly skinny pair of jeans I really really want to get into, I don’t see that as my motivation, I want to be realistic.

Should you hold on to your fat clothes?
Well I have already got rid of mine, I ummed and ahhed about it for a couple of months and finally decided getting rid of them was a good thing, I decided I didn’t want any “just incase” clothes in my wardrobe and would rather choose which clothes I would hold onto. I have saved a box of size 14 which is my top size I would ever want to be and my current wardrobe consists of mostly 10’s and 12’s.

I have held onto my biggest size pair of jeans, which I'm holding in the photo, these are a size 20!! these are a great reminder that I never want to be that size again.
I have donated all my other clothes that ranged from a 14 right through to a 20 to various family members and the rest to the clothing bins.

Even though I own a clothing alteration and repair company I chose not to really alter anything, I didn’t like the thought of still wearing the same clothes I used to wear only smaller…just didn’t feel right on. Most of my wardrobe wasn’t all that great in those sizes anyway so not really worth the time.

I’m enjoying slowly building my wardrobe, it’s definitely an expense, but one that is very enjoyable. A lot of my clothing I buy second hand from Trademe or second hand clothing shops with the fact I can alter most things, I make a few custom things and buy brand new some favourites pieces.

So what are your thoughts? do any of you who have lost weight got rid of your ‘fat’ clothes or do you have ‘skinny’ clothes waiting for you?


  1. Man, what a difference!

    The very day my size 18 clothes stopped fitting right, I put them in the pile of donations headed for the thrift shop. I didn't even want them in my closet anymore. I didn't feel attached to any of those clothes; they were mostly just things I could find in my size that weren't ugly.

    I'm guessing that as I keep dropping sizes, there are some things I'll try to alter (hard-to-find vintage stuff, mostly). But most of it will go right into the donation pile.

    I have a whole closet of smaller clothes waiting for me--from my current size 16 down to my goal size 6. I've never been a 6, but when I see a piece that I love desperately, I tend to buy it in my goal size. I don't feel judged by those clothes; they help me envision myself thinner, which helps me stay motivated.

    That said, I also make it a point to by myself nice things that I can wear now. I think it's important to recognize that I deserve pretty clothes (that are really "me") at any weight, not just if I'm thin.


  2. Sure is and I agree you don't want to deprive yourself of pretty clothes and it's great you don't feel judged by your goal size clothes :)

  3. I lost 35 pounds, went from a large/xlarge size 12 to a small/xtra small size 4...yes...I couldn't wait to get rid of every single piece of clothing. Initially I wanted to loose the weight for health purposes...but shopping now sure is a LOT more fun!


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