Maintaining is a Breeze!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

I’m managing to maintain this weight easily and finding it tough to lose more. Well actually I’m not really trying all that hard to lose which is why I’m not I guess, feeling pretty happy at this weight but still have plenty of ‘toning’ to do so this is going to be a slow progress. I’m pretty slack with keeping this blog up to date but I will keep updating when I have a chance so if your keen to stick around and see my slowwww progress then stay tuned…sorry I ain’t more exciting than that right now!


  1. I am so impressed with your story. I am new to the primal way of living and I was wondering if you had any advise on how to get started. I have been following the Paleo Diet since April 1. I do feel better, but I haven't noticed any weight loss. I know it's been only 8 days, but I am unsure whether what I am eating is the right amounts. How did you get started? What did you eat? Also, have you ever used Mark's Responsibly Slim protein powder? I ordered it last week and plan on having it for breakfast.

  2. I started eating the primal way 10 days ago after watching a doco on discovery channel about low carbs. I looked into the aitkens diet but decided it was a bit over the top and devised my own system. Then tonight I stumble upon Marks website and find that he preaches all the things that I now beleive, excellent! then I find a story from you - a fellow Kiwi :) You are an incredible inspiration. I'm currently 102kg (down from 105 last week) and just recently bought my first pair of size 20 jeans - they will be the last. I'm book marking your blog and will return to hear how you are going :)

  3. Hey Dominique, wow thank you! When I started I went cold turkey off all sugars and high carb foods and felt awful for about a week then started to feel amazing! It’s really easy to actually eat too much especially if you want to lose weight, if you keep your fat quite high your appetite will naturally start to diminish, be careful of ‘replacement’ type foods. I ate really simple foods and I still do with the occasional low carb treat but mostly I keep it super simple. Lots of eggs, bacon, meat, veggies, some dairy, dark chocolate and berries with cream are all basics in my diet. I have never used Mark’s protein powder, too expensive to get it sent all the way to NZ but I’m sure it’s great. I sometimes use a PP especially if I feel like a shake instead of eggs but that’s not very often these days. I found it really important to keep focused and ‘cheating’ just wasn’t an option; I had too much weight to lose. I can now have treats and I don't gain but I don't lose either. I hope that helps a little :)

    Hey Emily, so pleased you found Mark’s website and my story, I know when I was searching the net I couldn’t find any NZ’er that was publicly following low carb and had lost a lot of weight. I hope that my story can really inspire you to do it, like you would have read I had lost hope but now I can’t believe I have managed to lose it all. You can definitely do it, keep focused, what helped me was to visualise everyday what it would feel like to be smaller and I can tell you it’s everything I thought it would be and more :)

  4. Hello! I love your blog, I actually read the entire thing! Congrats on your weight-loss, you've done awesome! I do have a question for you, do you just eat based on your hunger and what sounds appealing to eat? how do you know about serving size or do you count calories? or does it matter? lots of questions - hope you don't mind! I just bought Primal Blueprint but haven't read it yet! I can't wait go get started!!!


  5. Hey Amy, Wow your good, I have been posting for just over a year so there's a fair bit there.

    I don't mind at all :) Yeah you got it I eat based on hunger and what is appealing to me, I never eat anything I don't like ever!

    I kind of natually figured out what portions worked for me, and yeah I do think calories matter to a degree. For instance if you are eating super low carb like all meat, eggs, fat and green veggies you can pretty much eat as much as you like but if you are adding things like, cheese, nuts, dark chocolate berries etc. which make it more interesting then yeah you have to watch portions definately.

    I found as time went on figured what I consider a normal portion to be: breakfast might be 2 eggs and 3 strips of bacon, a few nuts and I would be satisfied and full in an hour.

    A big portion would be 3 eggs, 4 strips of bacon, creamed mushrooms, grilled tomatoes and a kransky....I would be sooo full stratight away and probably not be able to eat anything else for the rest of the day LOL

    You will find what works for you, if you need anymore help don't hesitate to ask :)


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