Mexican Salad Primal Style

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I have a favourite Mexican salad but unfortunately it has a Taco Shell so I've tried to improve on a homemade one I made a while back and this one is truly aweome!  Follow the steps below:

2 Chicken Breasts (2-3 servings)
Taco Seasoning
Mayo or Sour Cream or Both
Yellow Capsicum
Cherry Tomatoes
Spring Onions
Salad Greens or Cos Lettuce
Avocado, lemon juice, s&p
Cheese (Colby, Egmont, Tasty)

Slice chicken and toss taco seasoning through and coat with a little olive oil, fry chicken until nicely seared and cooked through then top the chicken while hot with grated cheese.  Chop up all vegies (see above) and a great tip for making guacomole is to mash it on a breadboard, works a treat and no sliding around in a bowl.  To make dressing mix equal parts of Salsa, Mayo and SourCream then viola arrange your salad greens and top everything as below!

So simple and delicious, 10-15minute meal, I may even do video on this one in the near future, it will be much better than my sushi one, I promise ;)


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