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Monday, October 17, 2011

So I'm back and it's my 100th Post!  First I'd like to appologise for my lack of posts lately, life has gotten in the way but I'm still here and will try my best to keep you updated a little more often... 
Looking back on the last couple of years is quite mind blowing so I thought I would reflect.  I started this journey on October 18th 2008 scared as hell, depressed as hell weighing exactly 107.1kgs, on the 3rd November 2009 I weighed in at 67kgs and my lowest I got to is 64.8 which was Christmas 09.  I have managed to maintain for the last 2 years in the realms of 65-73kgs which I think is pretty darn great! I know for sure I will never see that rather large body ever again!

So I will be honest with you all, I'm sitting at 70.9 kgs as of today, I think that my winter weight tends to hover in the high 60's and low 70's and then I tighten up my eating when the weather heats up to mid 60's.  I was reading back over some of my old blog posts and came across a post titled "Maintaining is a breeze" well it seems it's not really all that much of a breeze, life gets in the way sometimes and it's easy to leave yourself off of your to do list! 

So I had hit 66kgs for my 30th in May this year which was awesome and felt fantastic but the kgs have crept up on me in the last few months with a little too much winter comfort food.  I'm not stressed about it, we have had a full on year and my priority hasn't been weight loss.  My business is doing fantastic and life in general is so wonderful, my husband's back surgery was a success and we are on the up and up.

Anyway I'm ready to hit the weight loss track again since summer is just around the corner and although I don't feel terrible at 70kgs I feel my best when I'm around 65-67 so that's my ideal goal for now, bearing in mind 62 is just feeling so far away at this point.

I hope you all love the new layout at the top left there's a drop down box and you can choose the format you like, there's either Magazine, Mosaic, Classic, Flipcard, Sidebar, snapshot and timeslide! Plus I've got a bit of food porn for you all!!!

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