The best chocolate pudding ever!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

This chocolate pudding is unreal! I just had to share it with you guys...I found it here:!/photo.php?fbid=456968350997260&set=a.306377172723046.93130.149444195083012&type=1&theater

I just followed the instructions and it came out perfect except next time I'll cook it a little less and add some more unmelted chocolate into the centre to make it like Lava Cake!  I used 70gms of 70% old gold, I also let the melted chocolate cool a bit before adding the egg so it didn't scramble, I cooked mine for 1.30 minutes, next time I'll just do a minute.  I halved the pudding as above and then served it for husband and I with some pears and whipped cream, simply AMAZEBALLS!!!!

The original recipe post is here:

Nutritious Chocolate Cake: 2 ingredients, 5 minutes

"It is a healthy variation of the popular 5-minute mug cake. This recipe is very simple, and makes a lot of sense when you begin to understand how ingredients work together to create new ...textures. "

Serves one (decent sized dessert)

40-80g of Dark chocolate* (as dark as you can enjoy)
one egg

Less chocolate will create a lighter ‘cakier’ texture, more will create a denser brownie-like texture. I recommend starting with 70g on your first time. If you want a massive cake, experiment with upping the ingredients, and feel free to put it in an oven (oven tray not coffee mug though).

[* if you're using Lindt chocolate, 1 square = 10g
so 7 squares = 70g]

baking powder can help it rise a little more
serve with fruit, banana is good
serve with cream

Melt chocolate in a mug using your microwave. If you cant do this without burning go learn.
Beat your egg into the melted chocolate.
Microwave again, 30 seconds at a time to check how fast your microwave works, won’t take more than 1:30 seconds.
Tip on a plate or eat it out of the mug after letting it cool a bit.


  1. That is awesome!

    Looking forward to trying it. One question though, should an entire egg be used or just the yolk?

    1. It really is awesome! I just posted an updated version and made into a lava cake!

      Use the whole egg :)

  2. Replies
    1. Check out the lava cake version, it's even better!


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