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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I thought I would post 9 days of my food diary to give you an idea of what I'm eating lately.
In 9 day's I've lost 1.8kgs without even trying, honestly, I just listen to my hunger signals. Since I've got a cold it's probably an advantage due to the fasting but this is pretty damn close to what I eat anyway. No fruit, it's winter and I don't feel like fruit at the moment.

I definately know this isn't water weight as my pants feel loser and I'm pretty stoked to finally be in the 70's :) Now when I was bigger I always said to myself once I see 70 something on the scale it's time to start adding resistance training, sometimes weighing yourself is such a mental thing and can really depress you when you don't see the 'right' number. I know that as soon as I start working out the scale is not a good way to measure success as body composition changes which is what I want, more muscle and less fat!

So since I know I've finally dropped into the 70's I'm going to refrain from weighing myself, not sure how long this will last but I'm determined. I've taken all my measurements also which astounded me how much I've lost since I've started, here's my measurements:

Tuesday 2nd June – weigh in 81.2kg
8am: 2 poached egg, 2 strips bacon, a few walnuts and 1 small piece 85% chocolate
2pm: 5 chicken nibbles fried in duck fat and a sauce with coconut cream and tamari. 2 homemade almond crackers with dairy free pesto and 1 pc 85% chocolate.
6pm: A few walnuts
7.30pm: Roast pork with crackling, kumara skins, Brocolli and Zucchini with reduction gravy

Wednesday 3rd June
Fasted for morning, not hungry at all, probably due to a big lot of food yesterdsay.
12:45pm: I small piece of flaxseed bread w Avacado dressing, 1/2 avacado, 3 strips of Bacon and 2 fried eggs in duck fat. 3 pcs 85% chocolate.
Didn't eat anything else was soo full from lunch. The flaxseed bread isn't a common thing, I'd have it every now and then.

Thursday 4th June
8.30am: 2 poached eggs and 3 strips of bacon, 1 pc Nut Bar (homemade power almond bars)
1pm: Chicken Fenders (seared chicken with herbs) with Lemon Aioli from BurgerFuel
3.30: 50mins BodyPump (first exercise session in a while)
5pm: 1 pc Nut Bar
7pm: 1 Chicken Thigh and 1 drumstick with garlic and coconut cream suace, Cauli, zucchini, red peppers and red cabbage cooked in chicken stock with kumara skins. 1 Pc Nut Bar

Friday 5th June
9am: 2 poached eggs and 1 pc Nut Bar
10.30am: Decaf Vienna w 1 raw sugar
2pm: Scotch fillet stak w garlic and coconut cream sauce. 2 pcs 85% chocolate
7pm: Pork Mince patties (homemade) with garlic aioli and 1/4 avacado on top, 2 pcs 85% chocolate

Saturday 6th June
woke with a sore throat
9am: Scrambled eggs (made with cream and butter) and 2 1/2 strips Bacon
2pm: Chicken Fenders (seared chicken with herbs) with Lemon Aioli from BurgerFuel
6pm: Chicken tikka boneless pieces from Indian Place, 2 pcs 85% chocolate

Sunday 7th June
well and truly got a cold now
8.30am: 2 poached eggs and 2 strips bacon
12.45pm: Roast Chicken w reduction gravy and pc Nut Bar
6.30pm: Lamb Rump with garlic and rosemary, broc and cauli with a lemon, egg, oil sauce, fried kumara skins. 1 tsp almond butter and 2 pcs 85% chocolate

Monday 8th June
Fasted all morning
1pm: Almond crusted chicken with aioli
7.15pm: Roast pork w crackling, roast pumpkin, brocolli and reduction gravy

Tuesday 9th June
Fasted all day, lost taste buds from cold so feeling misrable, a few lemon, ginger drinks.
4pm: Pc nut bar
7pm: Chicken Fenders (seared chicken with herbs) with Lemon Aioli from BurgerFuel with brocolli and bacon. a few walnuts and 2 pcs Chocolate

Wednesday 10th June
Fasted all morning
12.30pm: Roast Pork w crackling
6.30pm: Roast Chicken w reduction gravy, zucchini, cauli and red cabbage cooked in chicken stock.

Thursday 11th June - weigh in 79.4kgs
and by the way I'm feeling much better today, no infection woohoo!


  1. Congratulations! You are doing great! :D

  2. Progress report looks fantastic! I might steal some of your menu ideas. I've been itching for variety lately.

  3. Yay! I am so impressed. Also, I completely agree about your statement about weighing yourself after starting to add resistence training.

  4. Great result, Shell. And thanks for the menu ideas! Glad you're feeling better.

  5. Thanks guys for the compliments :) Go ahead and try some menu ideas, this week hasn't been as exciting as it usually is but still good I reckon!

  6. Congrats to your are inspirational! M x

  7. Great results and great menus! Thanks so much for sharing....very inspiring!

  8. Well done; you're an inspiration to us. Re the PC nut bar - do you have a recipe for it? Thanks.

  9. Oh thanks, that's very kind, nice to know i'm inspirational :) Jaxz I'll post the Power Bar recipe tomorrow :)


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