New Pic!

Monday, June 29, 2009

So here's a new pic dh took of me today, I weighed in at 77kgs this morning which means I've lost 30kgs!! :) I honestly find it hard to see a massive change from the 50lb loss photo but dh reckons it's a big difference and it is another 16lbs after all. I'm looking forward to seeing the changes once the resistance training takes effect and more fat loss happens....nonetheless it's a great achievement and I'm really proud of myself.


  1. YAY! for you and your hottie new look! really look awesome.

  2. You are absolutely right to be proud of yourself, it's a huge achievement and you look terrific. Congratulations!

  3. Great pic! I do love your hair by the way!
    Your achievement is brill....and often we cannot see for ourselves what others can!;)
    Well done Shell!!
    M x

  4. Aww thanks guys! obviously you can all see the difference and I am starting to see it which is great. Nice to have such lovely comments :)

  5. Way to go! You look amazing and I too LOVE your haircut. It looks so hot!! Yay! Congrats!! You should be so proud of yourself.

  6. You look wonderful! And you can definitely see the difference! Just wait until your weight training starts to take effect. Bravo!!


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