PB Book Review and My exercise plan!

Friday, June 19, 2009

So I have finally read the whole Primal blueprint book and it’s such a great read!! I’m a very slow reader but I tend to absorb nutrition information really well. I also found it really easy to read which is great. I have lent it to my family with strict instructions not to let their young kids get their hands on it. After all it’s a signed copy and I don’t want it ruined, on the other hand I would really like to spread the word and letting them read it is the best I can do, they are already seeing my results.

I was really stoked to read the information on Exercise, it’s crucial to read this book if you want to live healthy. It’s not just about a ‘diet’ it’s totally about lifestyle in all areas and I really like this aspect, it kinda gave me a nudge in the right direction. So much so that the stuff I read on Exercise was so good I have finally joined the gym, it’s literally just around the corner from where I live so it’s really about time I started lifting some weights, get my heart healthy and prevent the ‘skinny fat’ look.

There is definitely new information in this book, if you read Marks Daily Apple blog which he already gives us so much info free, however there’s more in this book and it really elaborates on so much. I highly recommend you buying the book, you will not regret it, it cost me $67NZD but worth every penny. When I think of how much in the past I have spent on ‘diet/lifestyle’ books man have I wasted some $$. I don’t feel like I have wasted any money on the PB Book, it’s well worth the read.

Now that I’ve finished the PB Book I’m finally onto reading Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes, it finally arrived at the library. I was surprised at how big this book is, hopefully I can get through it in library borrowing time. So far it’s a pretty hard read but I’m really enjoying it. Will let you know once I’ve finished it.

So on another note my eating has been so good this week, I have been having a bit of ghee or organic butter and a little cream. I haven’t had any cheese which is hard but I think it was the problem for me, better kept to a sensible vice.

I joined the gym on Thursday and went for my assessment yesterday, man I am so unfit it’s embarrassing, my body fat is 40.3% based on Tanita scales but it is that time of the month and they said they will also do a proper calliper test which will be good, then I can have an accurate read and measure my results a whole lot better. I’m guessing it’s in the upper 30’s anyway.

My goal is to lift weights and change my body composition; I asked them to do me a weights program with a little cardio and HIIT, I told them I already have my diet sorted to lose the rest of the fat I need to and I just need help with the exercise part. I plan to go 3-4 times a week, hopefully more but to be honest since I’m such a slacker at exercise, if I can get there 3 times it will be a miracle. So I’m really excited to start changing the look and feel of my body.

I weighed this week even though I said I wasn’t going to, I haven’t started working out yet so I sneaked a peak, it was 78.1!! woohoo I am stoked that means I’ve lost exactly 29kgs, wow! and yes I will upload a new photo shortly...


  1. Shell, you are doing so well. What a great feeling to be out of the 80s! (I am having such a struggle getting out of the 90s!) Great review of Mark's book too, by the way, and I agree that it is worth the money. I envy you being able to get ghee and duck fat, etc. One of the drawbacks of country living is the lack of choice - its a long drive to the only supermarket and only a small range to choose from. (I did find dripping there last time, though!) Good move joining the gym - I hope it goes well. keep us posted!

  2. I'm glad I give you hope Judith, you will get there, I know it's frustrating though. I find IF is soo good for helping get the weight off.

    I do admit it's great being able to buy normal
    clothes. I'm a dressmaker with my own business now but I still hated shopping and now I'm starting to enjoy it again and you will too, don't lose hope!


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