Day 10 Whole30

Monday, September 16, 2013

Yep today proved to be the hardest! Not physically but emotionally, talk about cravings argghh! I didn't cave thankfully but I found myself hungry this afternoon so I ate a snack which I don't normally do.  It was super yummy, tasted like muesli but better.  I'm being careful with fruit because I don't want to lean on sweet fruits in place of the chocolate, blueberries don't really taste all that sweet to me.

I do feel like I'm breaking my chocolate addiction so that feels good, I do miss my morning coffee, I think mostly because of the ritual of hubby and I having our Nespressos and the cup warming my hands.  The short black or lungo just doesn't satisfy the same without cream :/  I tried with coconut cream and thought it was gonna be good until I drank it. Yuck!!! I hate it, not gonna happen!

I dreamt last night I ate a kinder surprise, so weird as they aren't something I eat, they are nice but it was strange.  I woke up remembering it really vividly and I felt guilty for a minute until I woke up properly and realised it was a dream!

I was on a bit of a go slow this morning, I think I overslept as I woke feeling quite groggy, I seem to feel best on 7-8 hours sleep.  Not much else to report, everything seems to be going fairly smoothly :)

9 hours sleep
7am: 2 organic free range eggs, pure lamb free range sausage, fried mushrooms in coconut oil, tomato and avocado
12pm: Tuna ceviche with mesclun, tomatoes and homemade mayo
2pm: Blueberries with toasted Cinnamon coconut & almonds

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  1. Hey, thanks for detailing your whole 30. You have inspired me to clean up my act a bit and get back into paleo dinners - I had been letting rice and gf pasta sneak in a bit too often! I want to ask a question - how do you make your faux-tato? It looks really good in your Day 6 photo. Mine always ends up a runny sloppy mess (I boil the cauli in cream then purée). Thanks & hang in there with the whole 30!!


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