Day 2 Whole30

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Today was actually pretty rough, talk about feeling like I had a hangover! General just blahness! The worst headache from midday until 7pm, I felt like my head was in a vice! Not pleasant :(

Thankfully I was expecting this as I had read the Whole30 timeline so I was prepared that day 2 and day 3 would be this way.  

Food wise I found it not too hard in regards to the chocolate, I won't deny that I still would've loved some but I was able to focus on all the yummy food choices I was making. 

The chocolate and the dairy will still be there after my Whole30 if I decide that it will be included in my regular diet or if I decide to keep it as a treat - I won't know until I've finished my Whole30.

7am: 2 poached eggs, 2 slices of free range, sugar free bacon, portobello mushrooms sautéed in ghee with garlic, salt and pepper. 1 Tbsp Coconut Manna, Decaf Nespresso
10am: 2 macadamias
12.30pm Scotch fillet steak seasoned with Cajun spices and fried in ghee, mesclun salad with red peppers, cherry tomatoes and topped with creamy avocado dressing. A few cashews.
6.30pm Leftover Lamb, Kumara (sweet potato) and Brussel Sprouts cooked in ghee, bone broth and balsamic vinegar, a few macadamias

My sleep was great, 9 hours and only woke once and straight back to sleep :-)

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  1. I have done two Whole 30's in the past couple of years. It does get easier after the first couple of days!


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