Saturday, September 7, 2013

You might all be wondering why I'm doing a Whole30.  After all I eat a pretty awesome diet, Primal is a very sustainable way of eating and I love it so why mess with it?... 
Well because there are still a couple of niggling symptoms I have that I'd love to improve and I'm curious if doing an elimination diet (Whole30) will help.

As a lot of you know I have PCOS.  Since being Primal I have reduced my symptoms but they still niggle me so I'm hoping that eliminating dairy will help with this.  Also I would love to be able to sleep solidly through the night, I don't remember the last time I sleep the entire night through.  I always get 8-9 hours but I always wake 1-2 times a night.  From all the stories and testimonies I've read about the Whole30, sleeping soundly through the night is a big driving force in my decision.

Whole30 is designed by an awesome Paleo Power couple Melissa and Dallas Hartwig.  There is no sugar or honey, stevia etc.., no legumes, no grains, no white potatoes, no dairy (yes that means butter - ghee is ok), no alcohol.

I'm not into "diets", they don't work, they will damage your metabolism and make you crazy!
In some ways the Whole30 seems like a diet in terms of the perfection and how unsustainable it can seem, yes it's very strict, however it's called the Whole30 not the Whole365.  30 days out of your life is nothing and it if means it will set you up with some great boundaries then it's a damn good reason to do it.

I'm an experimenter, I like to do the best I can with the information I have.  Elimination diets are the best way to figure out if you have any food intolerances, its something I've never done before so I felt like after reading the book "It starts with food" I was convinced. 

I love how Melissa and Dallas have written their book and make it very clear that the Whole30 is about health, it's not about losing weight so therefore I don't view it as a "Diet" per se, however many people report weight loss amongst some pretty amazing health testomonials.

The Whole30 and the way I eat isn't really that different so most of it won't be too challenging.  The hardest parts for me are going to be no dairy - no cream in my coffee or butter on my veggies, no sugar - I have sugar in my coffee, no chocolate - sugar in chocolate.  Everything else isn't really much of an issue for me, I gave up refined carbohydrates and refined sugars in excess a long time ago.  It will be interesting to see whether stripping out these "indulgence" foods I've been having will make a difference in my health.  I will keep you posted!

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  1. as long as it is a good night sleep waking in the night is normal for humans..



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