Days 14 & 15 Primal Challenge

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Day 14:
Fasted Breakfast, not hungry.
12.30pm Leftover roast pork with crackling from last night with gravy and apple
6pm Roasted Duck Breast
7pm 1 hr Upper Body Workout
Slept well but woke up with a sore throat!! WTF!

Week 2 weigh in 72.7kgs, that's down 0.8kgs so I'm really happy with that

Day 15:
Seriously I'm sick again, I have a cold now, this is sooo not my month, not fair at all :(
9am 2 poached eggs and 2 pcs bacon, decaf vienna
12pm Lemon, ginger honey drink to help soothe the throat
2.30pm Inside of a sausage roll with salad and salsa, decaf vienna and 2 pcs choc
4pm Throat lozenge
7pm Tempura chicken nuggets (but made with real chicken) with a satay sauce and salad.


  1. hang in there dollface! your body seems to be working out some issue. it will resolve itself. my cross to bear was my injured shoulder. kept reinjuring everytime i worked out. now two months later, its healed.

    you're still in the game, since you're still living healthy while you're sick!

  2. Thanks rachel for the positive support :) Yes I'm still doing everything as healthy as possible!

    My hubby had a shoulder injury and is still dealing with it, he had a cortisone injection and it's helped somewhat but has to take it easy on the exercise.

    Guess it makes even more sense to work out and eat well as much as possible as you never know when you'll be knocked down for a while!


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