Days 10,11,12 & 13 Primal Challenge

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Day 10:
Fasted all day, made it to 4.30 so had a 22 hr fast.
4.30 20 or so Pistachios and 1 pc dark chocolate
6pm Pesto Chicken thighs, zucchini, carrot, red peppers with cream sauce. 3 pcs dark chocolate

Day 11:
Not all that hungry this morning so fasted till 11am
11.15am 2 egg Omelet w cream, filled with 1/2 zucchini, Parmesan and 1 Tbsp Pesto and 2 strips bacon, 3 pcs dark chocolate and decaf vienna w 1 raw sugar
6.30pm Eye Fillet w blue cheese
8pm went to a birthday bash so snacked at 10pm on a few pcs of calamari.
11.30pm on the way home dropped by BK and had the inside of a cheeseburger w bacon.

Day 12:
8am 3 poached eggs and 3 strips of bacon
10am Decaf vienna and 1 pc dark chocolate
3pm 15 Pistachios
7pm Had friends over for dinner. Homemade butter chicken, 1 fried egg and 3 tiny cubes of duck fat roasted potatoes. I had to cook two dinners because we have fussy friends!
9pm went out for some drinks (I don't drink tho)
11.30pm another stop at BK and had the inside of a cheeseburger w bacon.

Day 13:
Not hungry for breakfast
10am Decaf vienna and 1 pc dark chocolate
1pm Potluck lunch for my mum's birthday
Butter chicken, chicken drumstick, piece crustless quiche, pumpkin soup and 2 pcs dark chocolate
7pm Roast pork belly (not a huge serving, not super hungry), crackling, kumara skins, brocolli and Cauliflower and Gravy
8pm went out for coffee and desert for mum's birthday
Had a decaf vienna (not a well made coffee so didn't drink it) had a small bite of dh's white chocolate mudcake which was a super nice treat but had to stop at one bite otherwise I could have eaten it all, takes A LOT of willpower. 2 pcs dark chocolate

It was definately a 80/20 weekend for me!


  1. 80/20 is the way to go. congrats on some great fastin'. your willpower with chocolate is something ill have to work up to. :) the challenge is going great

  2. Nuthin wrong with 80/20!! A question: several times you've mentioned kumara skins. How do you prepare them? I love kumara and I miss them.

  3. Thanks rachel I'm definately getting used to fsting a little more now and it's easier. As for my willpower with chocolate hmmm sometimes I don't think I have good willpower with it and eat too much :)

    Judith, I buy the orange kumara's and poke it with a knife cook them in the microwave and once cooked let it cool a little, slice them in quarters then peel the skins off. I cook the insides for hubby and then fry the skins in butter for myself. They go all crispy and are pretty darn good! It doesn't work so well with the purple skinned kumara :(


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