My Success Story

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For those of you that may not be regular MDA readers, I submitted my Success story to Mark Sisson yesterday. It's featured on his website today, please check it out here:

It's great to be an inspiration to people, I'm even an inspiration to myself at times. The lovely comments are making me realise that my story and this blog is important not only for myself but especially for those of you that I can help in some way, I hope I can continue to inspire you.


  1. What a great success story. You look so fantastic.
    Hope you are feeling better and over the flu.
    All the best. I'm from Australia.

  2. Hey Neighbour! where in Aussie are you from? Thanks, I'm feeling great :) I'm finally getting better, had several lots of antibiotics, got hit pretty hard with it that's for sure.

  3. I'm in Perth W.A.
    Glad you're feeling better.
    My hubby has still got a flu that he can't shake - may have to get some antibiotics!

  4. A friend of mine is supposed to be moving to Perth in a few months, seems so far away but heard it's a great place to live. Might pay to get some antibiotics, wasn't nice being sick for 3 weeks!

  5. HI Shell,
    I have been following your story for quite some time and I can only repeat what has been said are an inspiration!
    Well done for changing your life and getting better!

    I am looking forward to reading more..

    Marianne from Austria:)

  6. You have an amazing story...thank you for sharing it you are truly an inspitation for us all!!!

  7. what a great way to end "the challenge" lol, actually, the challenge never really ends. everyday is a new one!

  8. Thank you all so much :) So true Rachel, but luckily it's a great challenge and we are all winning!!

  9. well said doll, we are winning every single day:) primal people are the most uplifting ive ever met....

  10. Congrats to you! I've been reading your blog for a while (I am a fellow travelor on the path to regaining health and I'm always so encouraged to see someone else successfully returning to health...I started at 230 and am now at 153 so we're on a very similar path), and appreciate you taking the time to write it!

  11. Thanks Becky, that's awesome that you have been successful also, yes we are on a very similar path :)


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